Senior year can be a bittersweet combination of elation at how near the end is and the desolation at knowing a stage of your life is nearly over. It hits us all in different ways but that combination of joy and sorrow is a pretty common theme. That, and lots of stress. Sometimes it can help to see you aren't alone, so here are some memes that capture the rollercoaster of emotions senior year can cause.

1. Being so tired of it all

People change a lot during the years they are in college, so much so that looking back can seem like an entirely different person. By the time senior year comes around many of us can be on the brink of burning out despite graduation being so near.

2. Not being ready for adulting

Little secret about adulting: No one is actually ready for it, they just pretend they are and cry a lot on the inside as bills drain their bank accounts. Seriously though, it's intimidating trying to figure out what you might be doing after graduation.

3. Worrying about never seeing your friends again

Unless your friends have similar plans for after college or you're all going to live in the same area, it can be a legitimate fear that you'll never see these friends in person again. I'm not about to pretend that's false, it just means you have to make the most of the friendships you have while you have them.

4. Stressing out

Maybe you have a super demanding senior thesis/project, maybe you're working and going to school, maybe those 300 and 400 level classes are taught by not-so-subtle sadists or any number of other things. Regardless, pretty much all seniors know all too well how stressful the last year can really be.

5. Stressing about what comes next

Maybe you're going into the workforce or gradschool. Maybe you have no clue what you're going to do and are terrified because of that. Either way, senior year is when this problem really makes itself felt.

6. Excited about what comes next

As much as we stress about it, it can be super exciting to finally get into our chosen field and begin doing the work we spent several years and more money than we care to think about to study.

7. Being emotionally done with the college experience and ready to graduate

The last few months can be the hardest to stay motivated through, but graduation being in sight can provide it's own motivation to finish everything.

8. Finally about to get that diploma!

All this hard work, just for a piece of paper. At least you're close to getting it!