7 Memes That Prove The Importance Of Meme Culture For Millennials
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7 Memes That Prove The Importance Of Meme Culture For Millennials

A Millennial cry for help.

7 Memes That Prove The Importance Of Meme Culture For Millennials
New York Magazine

Let's be real---memes are everywhere. While older generations may not understand the ongoing craze that has dominated the millennial generation, memes are here to stay.

Even though memes are simply a form of entertainment, they play a majorly cathartic role for the millennial generation. Think about it. How many times have you been having a rough day, proceeded to look at a meme, and felt an immediate sense of relief when you realized that you can totally relate to it? In this regard, memes are an incredibly simple way to convey complex concepts, feelings, and inner turmoil.

Here are 7 examples of memes along with a breakdown of how they operate within the millennial generation.

1. The Throwback Meme

While this may seem like a dramatic, comical meme, many of us millennials can relate to the suppressed feelings of longing for simpler and happier times.

2. The Pop culture Meme

Even this meme, which is clearly meant to be funny, points to a critique of today's materialistic society by using a ridiculous example of Kim Kardashian freaking out over a diamond earring in comparison to a classic piece of art.

3. The Starter Pack Meme

"Starter Pack" memes are an example of a slightly more intricate meme style given the numerous references that are used in a single meme, yet people know exactly what type of person the starter pack meme is referring to and have likely encountered this stereotypical person in their own lives. In this way, the starter pack meme acts as a way to make fun of and draw attention to the frustrating people we often come across in the 21st-century world.

4. The I-will-forever-be-unemployed Meme

There is also a brand of memes specifically geared at the unfortunate job situation that the millennial generation has been plagued with (thanks a lot, baby boomers). While these memes address issues of the difficulties in the current economy and job market, they do so in a funny way that allows for people to feel like they're not in this daunting and soul-crushing situation alone.

5. The What-the-heck-is-going-on-in the-world Meme

Memes can act as catalysts for political and controversial conversations while creating a platform to deal with troubling uncertain times through laughter and comedy in a way that everyone can relate to. In this example, the Michelle Obama meme recounts the shock that many millennials (and Americans in general) felt in regards to the presidency.

6. The Instability Meme

Memes can also be ways for people to reveal the inner workings of their psyches in a way that also allows them to shed light on their personal issues in an amusing way, which ultimately helps in coping with the hardships that result from issues such as mental illness.

7. The Meta Meme

Lastly, memes can also be made to comment on previous memes (so meta) and to communicate with friends and followers across various social media platforms.

There's no doubt about it, memes are funny, and they're all over social media. They're also much more powerful and telling than we initially make them out to be. Ultimately, memes act as a simultaneous cry for help and coping mechanism for the millennial generation, and they allow millions of people access to comedy, laughter, and a sense of togetherness in the everyday struggles and annoyances that we face.

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