There are levels of friendship that people reach throughout life. Some people don't get much farther than professional acquaintance but there are some that get to a level that confuses others- the ultimate level of friendship.

1. Acquaintances

You know their name, maybe, and you see them regularly. Whether that's after class or almost always at the grocery store.

2. Mutual friends

You're friends with someone they're friends with and that mutual friend invites both of you places together and you get to know them.

3. Hang out sometimes

You get together for lunch, or to go get Starbucks when it fits both of your schedules.

4. Stay for hours in one room

Hanging out watching movies, sharing funny videos or photos, and snacking on ice cream or candy and chips.

5. Shopping buddies

You trust their opinions when you go to get something to wear, or get slightly ridiculous things for each other.

6. Insulting each other for fun

Calling each other names, teasing about speech accidents, and sarcasm levels go through the roof.

7. Getting them into things that you were interested in

They were addicted to a show, got you sucked in. You liked a band, introduced them, and now they love it more than you.

Bonus level: Getting each other's quotes

From Disney to that one spoken word poet, from song lyrics to TV show characters, we get at least 3/4 of every joke or reference that the other makes.

So, to conclude, how far have you gotten in the levels of friendship?