7 Important Study Breaks to Take During Finals

7 Important Study Breaks to Take During Finals

Run away from your problems, literally.

The semester is winding down, it's almost summer, and that means that the weather is getting nicer (finally!).

As enticing as locking yourself in the library all day at a table or cubicle for hours on end with a ton of open books, papers every which way, and a large coffee sounds, everyone needs to get outside in the spring, get some Vitamin D, and take a study break once in a while.

1. Take a walk around campus

A walk is the perfect way to clear your head. Literally...get up and away from those textbooks and take in all the ~views~ that campus has to offer. You will miss the beautiful views of campus when you only have your front and back yard at home to look at.

2. Close your eyes and just breathe.

When you have papers galore and huge tests that count for about 30% of your grade, it is totally normal for your brain to be all over the place and not be able to focus on one thing. As soon as you center yourself and relax, your mind can focus on one thing at a time and you can crank out work much more efficiently.

3. Go to the beach for an hour or two.

The beach is one of the most peaceful places in the world. Beaches, such as the ones in Fairfield, also have swings and slides so you can relax by becoming a kid again. Wee!

4. Sit outside and people watch.

Take your mind off of yourself and your problems by just watching civilization go on around you. Plus, some people may make you laugh or you might see someone you know that you can catch up with.

5. Eat a meal outside.

Take advantage of the nice weather, especially after having to sit inside to either take a final or study for one. Somehow food tastes better outside, and eating with a view is always a plus. My friends and I love to grab food in town and head to the beach to eat it.

6. Go to the gym.

Weights or running is not only physically great for you and is a great way to stay in shape, but it is a great stress reliever. Run away from your problems, literally.

7. Stream a movie or TV show, but only ONE

Yes, only one. Don't get sucked into a black hole, but watching one episode or one movie to get your mind off of finals and academics and limit your brain activity by just watching. Even better if it is a comedy, get you to laugh a little bit.

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Stop Discourging Future Teachers

One day, you'll be thankful for us.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?" It seems like this is the question we heard from the time we were able to talk. Our answers started out as whatever movie or action figure was popular that year. I personally was going to be Cinderella and shoot spider webs out of my wrists at the same time. The next phase was spent choosing something that we read about in a book or saw in movies. We were aspiring to be actors, skydivers, and astronauts.

After we realized NASA may not necessarily be interested in every eager 10-year-old, we went through the unknown stage. This chapter of life can last a year or for some, forever. I personally did not have a long “unknown" stage. I knew I was going to be a teacher, more specifically I knew I wanted to do elementary or special education. I come from a family of educators, so it was no surprise that at all the Thanksgiving and Christmas functions I had actually figured it out. The excitement of knowing what to do with the rest of my life quickly grew and then began to dwindle just as fast.


"Well, looks like you'll be broke all your life."

“That's a lot of paperwork."

“If I could go back and do it again, I wouldn't choose this."

These are just a few replies I have received. The unfortunate part is that many of those responses were from teachers themselves. I get it, you want to warn and prepare us for the road we are about to go down. I understand the stress it can take because I have been around it. The countless hours of grading, preparing, shopping for the classroom, etc. all takes time. I can understand how it would get tiresome and seem redundant. The feeling a teacher has when the principal schedules yet another faculty meeting to talk an hour on what could've been stated in an email… the frustration they experience when a few students seem uncontrollable… the days they feel inadequate and unseen… the sadness they feel when they realize the student with no supplies comes from a broken home… I think it is safe to say that most teachers are some of the toughest, most compassionate and hardworking people in this world.

Someone has to be brave enough to sacrifice their time with their families to spend time with yours. They have to be willing to provide for the kids that go without and have a passion to spread knowledge to those who will one day be leading this country. This is the reason I encourage others to stop telling us not to go for it.

Stop saying we won't make money because we know. Stop saying we will regret it, because if we are making a difference, then we won't. Stop telling us we are wasting our time, when one day we will be touching hearts.

Tell us to be great, and then wish us good luck. Tell us that our passion to help and guide kids will not go unnoticed. Tell us that we are bold for trying, but do not tell us to change our minds.

Teachers light the path for doctors, police officers, firefighters, politicians, nurses, etc. Teachers are pillars of society. I think I speak for most of us when I say that we seek to change a life or two, so encourage us or sit back and watch us go for it anyways.

Cover Image Credit: Kathryn Huffman

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Charter Schools Should Be Stopped

Many people do not know exactly what charter schools are. My recent research will help you understand what they are, and why their growth should be hindered.


My name is Sophia Ramey and I am a sophomore at Syracuse University. I attended traditional public schools in Belmont, Massachusetts, throughout my entire childhood. I have recently conducted some research on charter schools to learn more about them and I am glad I did. It has now come to my attention that charter schools do not reap the benefits that they claim to and I would like to petition to stop their spread across America.

Charter schools were designed as an alternative to traditional public schools to help failing districts. Despite their failure to do their job, their growth is currently being promoted by our presidential administration and they are beginning to cause more damage to our education system than good. Because charter schools are unregulated, do not require certified teachers, and can shut down at any time, their desired effects have not succeeded. Students can be enrolled in a school one day, and the next day they can announce that the school is shutting down and the students must relocate.

Charter schools have also not been proven to necessarily perform higher than traditional public schools, which defeats their purpose. When the test scores of traditional public school students were compared with charter school students in the same district, there were no significant differences found. Because teachers in charters are not required to have any specific educational background, they cannot provide students with the highest quality learning.

They also have a selection process that allows them to take just the top performers out of traditional public schools, and leave behind struggling students in schools with limited resources. Charter schools are unable to provide students with disabilities with proper education, so even on the rare occasion where they accept these students, they often counsel them out of the school system.

Although their intentions are good and they offer school choice to students and parents, their ideas are not executed correctly. Charters receive support from some very big names, like Bill Gates and Reed Hastings, but we must bring it to their attention that they are pouring their money into the wrong solution.

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