7 Goals College Students Should Actually Have This New Semester

7 Goals College Students Should Actually Have This New Semester

This semester, us college kids should strive to complete our goals.

Grace Valentine

"New semester, new me."

I say that each January and August. I promise myself each start of a new semester that I'll get 4.0, work out regularly, and be an all around better human. However, this semester us college kids should strive to complete our goals, or at least these seven if we want to have a more successful semester.

1. Stop complaining.

I get it, life is hard for us college students; but believe it or not, we have it easy. Yes, you may have to pull an all-nighter now and then, but you are lucky to even have a higher education. Stop complaining about your life this semester and be a little more positive.

2. Put your phone down.

Enjoy the presence of those around you a little more and stop checking Instagram for the 50th time today. Life goes by quick and you'll regret more the moments you spent behind your screen than the moments you spent hanging out intentionally with your friends and family.

3. Call your grandmother more.

Call all your family you don't see at least every other day more. They miss you more than you'll ever know.

4. Thank God for the little things.

It is easy to thank God for the big things, like passing that class by 0.5 points, or when you get a cheap flight home, but learn to thank Him for the little things as well. For instance, a sunny day, class being canceled, or even finding a dollar on the ground. Thank Him daily and find joy in the life He has given you.

5. Learn to leave the past in the past.

Every day is a new day, with the ability to be better than the day before. Forgive those who have hurt you and don't rest in your mistakes. Rest in the truth that each day is a gift and you have the ability to grow and find joy each morning.

6. Stop eating out.

Your bank account is begging you. This includes Jimmy Johns at 2:00 a.m. and yes Starbucks too.

7. Stop settling.

Stop settling in life. Stop settling for the douche boy, stop settling for a mediocre day, and start expecting greatness. You are wonderful and deserve the best, expect that. You were not made to live ordinary.

College can be stressful, but be reminded that God is on your team. He isn't wanting you to have a mediocre four years and to only find pain and suffering in this world. He wants you to find joy in the little things, love others, and love yourself. Live each day knowing that the same God that hung the stars, placed you on this Earth, and has a greater purpose for you than to breathe and eat. Enjoy this semester, praise Him for giving you life, and remember you still have more to learn each day.

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