7 Gifs Every Unproductive Person Can Relate To

7 Gifs Every Unproductive Person Can Relate To

Never mind, I'll tell you tomorrow.

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We all have those days (sometimes weeks, months, years) where we just don't feel like doing anything at all. This source of unproductivity might be unknown, but it happens to all of us. Though the following list will not give advice to avoid your unproductivity,, it should be highly relatable for anyone that is just having "one of those days."

1. When you first wake up:

2. And someone already asks you for a favor:

3. And they suggest you be productive:

4. But even when you say "no" they keep insisting you do something:

5. So you "do something",

6. To your best ability:

7. And you can finally relax because you did everything you needed to do.

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