April 1st, also known as April Fools' Day, is practically a pranking holiday. Tell some jokes, create a few messes, as long as everyone is safe it's fair game! But what prank should you pull this year? You already convinced your younger sibling that they were adopted and you already tricked your best friend into eating gummy worms covered in salt instead of sugar. Well, do I have some pranks for you! Here are 7 great pranks to pull on April Fools' Day to really get a good laugh, or at least some weird looks that are hilarious to you.

1. Pudding in a jar of mayonnaise.

This is pretty simple. Replace the mayo in a jar of mayonnaise with vanilla pudding, and wait! Some unlucky fool may spread it on their sandwich or try to make egg salad with it. If you aren't patient enough to lay in wait of a fool, grab a spoon and help yourself to pudding out of a mayo jar in front of a relative to confuse them! Keep up the ruse and you win!

2. Saran wrap a door at head-height.

This one is great to pull on someone who never pays attention to where they are going. At head-height, stretch some saran wrap across a door way. Then, wait for a fool. They'll be super surprised when they try to walk through the door and get stuck! If you're lucky, they'll drop to the floor in defense so you can laugh appropriately.

3. Windex sports drink switcheroo.

This one has a 50/50 chance of getting a good response and your mom slapping you. Don't blame me. The switcheroo is a classic prank. Simply fill an empty Windex (or cleaner-looking bottle) with a blue sports drink. Then pretend to drink it in front of someone. They will most likely look on horrified and attempt to stop you. But it'll be funny, I promise. Make sure to capture the moment on a hidden camera for ultimate success.

4. Toothpaste Oreos.

This is easy and hilarious. Scoop out the delicious Oreo filling and replace it with white toothpaste, then offer it to an unsuspecting fool. It might taste bad, but really, you're doing them a favor. Brush your teeth twice a day!

5. Glue money to the ground.

Guaranteed to give you a good chuckle, super glue a coin somewhere that people pass and watch a fool struggle to dislodge it before begrudgingly passing it up. Then wait for your next fool.

6. Nail polish soap.

Your mom might hate you for this one but hey, April Fools. Paint a bar of soap with clear nail polish to render it unlatherable. You deny the soap its existence and you frustrate whoever is trying to not spread germs! Wait, who's the real fool here....

7. Change keyboard shortcuts.

A prank that can be made appropriate for all ages, but that will particularly confuse your parents. A classic prank for a digital age. Simply change the keyboard shortcut for a word or phrase into something else, so that when the fool types they won't send what they intended. Play dumb and wait for chaos to ensue!

Have a Happy April Fools' Day!