7 Of My Favorite Lumineers Songs
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7 Of My Favorite Lumineers Songs

Need new music? I've got you covered.

7 Of My Favorite Lumineers Songs

It is no secret the Lumineers have been one of my all time favorite bands for a long time now. I have followed them for years ever since I heard "Stubborn Love" and listened to it every morning for the next few months. Many of their songs have gotten me through sad moments or have inspired me in different ways. If you're having a bad day, I strongly suggest taking a drive and putting their two amazing albums on shuffle, or listen to these seven songs that I have listed below.

1. "Sleep On the Floor"

This is the first song on their newest album. Not only does this song make me want to jump into a car and go on a crazy road trip, but it's the beginning of the story the second album tells. I strongly suggest watching the music video to this as well, because it is amazing.

2. "Flowers in Your Hair"

"Be in my eyes, be in my heart." The saddest part about this song is how short it is, only one minute and 50 seconds long! But do not let the shortness fool you; those short two minutes are lively, fun and full of heart.

3. "This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)"

A cover of "Talking Heads" famous song released in 1983, I personally like The Lumineers' cover of this song more than the original.

4. "Gale Song"

Although this song is a bit more slow and sad than the others, I find a lot of comfort in this song, as well as most of The Lumineers melodies. This was written for "The Hunger Games" soundtrack (hence the title of the song.)

5. "Ain't Nobody's Problem"

In contrast to the song above, this song is more upbeat and lively. One of the reasons why I enjoy this song so much is you can hear background singer and cellist, Neyla Pekarek more prominently in the song.

6. "Ho Hey"

I am sure (or hope) everyone has heard of this breakout song. "Ho Hey" was the first single to be certified in the United States for the Lumineers and will most likely be my wedding song.

7. "Holdin' Out"

Let's end this list with a Lumineers song you may not be familiar with. This song does not appear on any of their albums, but is actually a part of the "Storks" movie soundtrack.

I hope these songs inspire you to listen to all of The Lumineers' music, and I strongly encourage you to see them live if you have a chance. I for one would be lost without them!

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