7 Fashion Trends That Have Come Back In Style That You Never Thought Would
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7 Fashion Trends That Have Come Back In Style That You Never Thought Would

Fashion fads are constantly changing as social lights and celebrities inspire the world to follow in suit. It can be difficult to buy clothes that might be trendy for a couple months and immediately go out of style after only getting a couple uses in.

Paris Hilton in a Juicy Couture track suit

Below are some trendy clothes and accessories that you may still have hidden in the back of your closet from the 90's and early 2000s that are making a serious come back in 2020.

1. Butterfly Clips

Vibrant Butterfly

Happy Birthday Love GIF


Butterfly clips and clips in general are all over Instagram and TikTok famous girls. These multi color hair accessories definitely serve me 90's Britney vibes and can really add extra flare to any average fit you might be wearing. They are also super cheap and sold everywhere.

2. Tattoo Print Tops

Dog Artist giving a tattoo

Artist Tattoo


Tattoo print tops were very in style when I was around the age of 10 and I never thought they would make a come back until now. Famous models like Devon Lee Carlson and Bella Hadid are wearing tattoo print long sleeves frequently to the point where I might just need to pull out my pre-teen size shirt from my basement once again! They look super cute with baggy blue jeans or can be dressed up with a leather coat.

3. Juicy Tracksuits

Mom delivering margaritas

Happy Hour Margaritas


Early 2000's stars like Paris Hilton LIVED in these iconic vibrant designer brand tracksuits. Due to Juicy's recent partnership with the hip brand Kappa, they have officially caught the world's attention once again. Their track pants are a bit pricey running at about $150, but are extremely comfy to hang in and useful for the coming winter months. There are also a ton of other sites that sell cozy track suits for cheap!

4. French Tip Manicure

Red painted nails

As Told


French trip manicures are not a trend I have seen in years. In fact, growing up, it always seemed like a "mom" nail style that was not as hip as getting other designs. Recently, an exciting new rendition of the classic French tip manicure is getting vibrant colored tips. Chantel Jeffries and Sydney Lee Carlson are just a few Youtube creators who I have seen master this exciting new design. I tried it myself at the nail saloon last week and got hot pink tips on one hand and cobalt blue tips on the other. It is definitely NOT for everyone, but can be really adorable with the right look.

5. Low-Waisted Baggy Jeans

Women wearing jeans and posing



This style of jean is exceptionally scary to accomplish if your someone like myself who is used to slim fitting high-waisted jeans that have a lot of coverage. I recently bought a pair of slightly high-waisted baggier light washed Levi's and wear them with just about everything. Over-sized jeans can be dressed up with a bodysuit and boots or worn casually to the store. They are also extremely comfy which is always a plus.

6. Chain necklaces and thick gold hoops

Cat wearing chains



Skinny and thick chain necklaces haven't been a thing since the 80's but I have been seeing them everywhere recently. Accessorizing a plain outfit with layers of gold chains and large hoops looks so incredibly trendy. This type of jewelry is sold at most boutiques and less expensive women's clothing stores. I will buy jewelry on the cheaper side usually and try my best to not get them wet so they don't tarnish as quickly.

7. Colorful Eyeshadow

Nikki Minaj with vibrant eyeshadow

Sexy Black and White GIF


Ok, this might be my favorite trend on this list. Buy any drugstore or Sephora colorful eyeshadow pallet and go crazy. I mostly wear light blue, lavender and pink shadow, but just about anything looks good. I definitely struggle with make-up, but glob on as much as you want on your lid and it will look amazing no matter what your technique may be. I will sometimes do multi colored eyeshadow if I am in a funky mood and want to experiment.

To all who are as obsessed with fashion. My best advise is to always remember that your favorite trends might have gone out of style, but there is a huge possibility that they will make a come back soon after! So keep your old clothes and accessories if you can afford to and have the space. Also if you are money conscious, then there are always amazing less expensive alternatives and options to all the items on this list.

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