April is that time of the year where everything gets busy and everyone is ready to be done with their responsibilities. Towards the end of the month people trade trips to the library with trips to the beach and no one wants to come back. But until then, we do have to finish up our last month of the semester and power through the deep, dark next few weeks. Here are seven things every college student should expect this April.

1. You will either be overdressed or underdressed every day

April is that horrible time where one day it could be 75 and sunny, and everyone's happy and wearing shorts, but the next day there's snow on the ground. No matter what the forecast says or what you think is the right thing to wear, you will always either have too many layers on or you're going to need another coat.

2. You're going to have Coachella FOMO

Even if you didn't have any interest in going to the music festival, seeing all of your favorite celebrities and social media stars attend the desert festival will make you wish you were there. The worst part about it is seeing the random people from your college/high school/university that spent the thousands of dollars to go, and it makes you realize that there are just some people that don't have to worry about money.

3. Summer is so close

For universities that start relatively early in August, April is typically the final full month of the school year. For Michigan State University, some students don't even go more than three days into May, meaning that the entire month of April is a slow, never-ending, final stretch until we can spend our summers doing whatever we want.

4. Procrastination is at an all time high

Spring has officially started, meaning that the sun will be up longer and days will be nicer. When the sun is out and it's warm, no one wants to sit inside and work on a project or homework. I know students all over the country that live in a four-season area can attest to this. There are so many other things that make us not want to work on our school work or study for exams, like the fact that we're all so mentally and emotionally drained.

5. It is constantly raining when it's not supposed to

No matter what the weather forecast says, it will never be right. April holds so many surprises, and the main one is that the weather is never what it says it is. There's a constant chance of rain and I swear it's always raining. That's basically it. Whenever you don't want it to be rain or you want a nice, sunny day - you won't get it. So sad.

6. It's time to plan your summer

College can effect your summer a lot. There's so much that needs to happen in order to graduate and sometimes you'll have to spend your summer doing stuff to get closer to your degree. You may have to take classes over the summer in order to graduate on time, and honestly, it's not bad, but it's an added responsibility that no one really wants. There are also opportunities like studying abroad and internships that can add an academic aspect to your summer, so that's also a factor that you have to think about when planning.

7. Summer jealousy

If you're part of that group of college students that start classes significantly later than most other universities, you'll still be in school and taking classes while many of these other schools get out. Seeing your friends from other schools having fun together back in your home town, or on vacation, while you're still in class and finishing up your semester cannot be fun. So, if you're one of my friends that gets out after me, I'm so sorry.