7 Essential Items For That Modern Cowboy And Cowgirl Look

7 Essential Items For That Modern Cowboy And Cowgirl Look

Modern Cowboy And Cowgirl Look

Before you choose to date a cowboy or a cowgirl, you need to know a thing or two about their clothing style. These gals and fellas are looking for someone who will share their interests and passions, so in order to impress them, you need to dress like them. Also, let's be honest, dressing up as a cowboy or a cowgirl is quite awesome, regardless of your romantic aspirations and goals. Therefore, if you want to achieve that modern western look, make sure to acquire these 7 essential items.

Western-Style Bandana

Have you ever seen a country man without a bandana around his neck? Probably not! This may seem like a small and unnecessary clothing detail, but it is actually crucial if you want to look like a proper modern cowboy or a cowgirl. A stylish western-style bandana will definitely set you apart from all the other “ranchers” in your town.

Leather Or Denim Jacket

If you truly wish to achieve that sexy cowboy/cowgirl look, you need to acquire a mean-looking jacket. This part of the outfit is essential, so you need to pick the perfect one. A denim jacket is the most popular choice, but leather is also a viable option. Whatever you do just make sure to choose the right color.

Black And Subtle Boots

Cowboy boots are usually something that draws a lot of attention. So, naturally, you don't want to make them extra "flashy". Keep it simple and choose a pair of subtle black boots. Of course, if your outfit is based on a different color, then feel free to choose cowboy boots that will match your attire perfectly. Just remember to keep it simple, without too many additional details.

A Cozy Long-Sleeved Shirt

When it comes to shirts, you literally can't go wrong. However, you don't want to wear a tight shirt because it will make you uncomfortable. Instead, you should pick a nice and cozy long-sleeved shirt made of denim or cotton. Match it with your jeans and you're good to go.

Jeans That Will Match Your Shirt Or Jacket

Classic blue jeans are the best possible choice for this type of outfit. Of course, you can mix things up a bit and choose black jeans, for example. You can experiment with color, but make sure to match your jeans with your jacket or shirt.

Long Black Coat

Cold winter months are ahead of us and you'll need something to keep you warm. So, if you want to look like a character from Quentin Tarantino's "The Hateful Eight", you need to get yourself a long black cowboy coat. It will go nicely with your black leather boots!

Mean-Looking Hat

You can't pull off a cowboy look without a bad ass hat! So, in order to enhance your appearance, you have to find yourself a mean-looking hat that will go well with your boots and coat/jacket. When the winter comes, your hat will become the most important part of your outfit.

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13 Thoughts A Mixed-Girl Has Before Getting A Haircut

A hair-raising journey.

I have a haircut this Friday. This is a statement which to most would appear to be innocuous. Run of the mill. Completely mundane.

However, coming from the perspective of a person about to finish her undergraduate collegiate work who hasn't had a professional haircut since her junior year in high school, going in for a haircut is not an ordinary occurrence.

As a person on mixed-race who has always had very curly hair, it can be pretty surprising to hear that I’ve never been quite comfortable with it. Anyways, here are some of the thoughts I’ve been thinking as my appointment with Doom steadily approaches.

1. Is this really necessary?

Why suffer through the public humiliation of walking around when I could just go back to having my mom cut my hair?

2. Is it too late to cancel?

It’s not like there’s a fee right? But you shouldn’t. You really shouldn’t.

3. Shrinkage sucks.

End of story.

4. Is shaving my head an option?

Yes. But not for me. Back to the drawing board.

5. People do this all the time.

This is a normal thing. Don’t let your hair keep breaking off at your shoulders. Take care of yourself.

6. Some people enjoy having their hair cut.

Why can’t I be some people?

7. Do I look good in hats?

Wearing hats can be my new lifestyle if necessary, right?

8. Is it really too late to cancel?

Yes. Yes, it is. Please stop considering this.

9. It will grow back.

… Eventually.

10. Hair-y Styles

Because my brain processes trauma with puns.

11. It’s okay if you cry.

But this time, just try not to do it in the bathroom halfway through your appointment. You’re a grown up now, you can wait until you get home.

12. I wonder how long it’s going to take this time.

Because it takes a real long time to cut curly hair.

13. Everything is going to be just fine.

This is the one I’m trying to let outweigh all the other jumbled, nervous thoughts I have running around in my head because a good or bad haircut doesn’t determine who you are.

Obviously, I cannot speak to the experience of all mixed women. There are certainly those who have found hairstylists and cuts that they are completely comfortable with. These are just some of the thoughts and questions that will continue to haunt me until this Friday. Maybe one day I will finally understand what it’s like to look forward to the exhilarating change that accompanies a fresh cut. But seeing as that day is not today, here’s to hoping I won’t be wearing hats for the next few weeks.

Cover Image Credit: Vanessa Hinton

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Rundown Of The Runway Week 3

The metropolis of all metropoles: Milan Fashion Week is here.

Hate to see London Fashion Week go, but I’m loving watching it leave because that means Milan Fashion Week is up next.

New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week have set the bar high, and I’m highly anticipating all the runway looks that Milan and its shows will be serving.

This year, MFW will be held from February 20th to the 26th. And as mentioned before in my previous two articles (Rundown of the Runway and Rundown of the Runway Week 2), I’m giving you the who’s who and what’s what that are to come this week. But to find out more details and other scheduled events, visit Fashion Week Online.

Milan will Start off slow and steady with only two events:

Tuesday, February 20th

Emerging Talents @ 5 PM

This is a special and honorable moment for the designers involved. As insinuated from the title, new and emerging talented designers will be presenting their hard work from 5 PM to 10 PM on Tuesday. These creators and innovators have been curated carefully and have been selected as the best up-and-comers of 2018. In the show, these designers will be introduced to international and Italian professionals to expand their fashion networks and grow their brand recognition.

Moncler @ 7:30 PM

Wednesday, February 21st

Lucio Vanotti @ 10:15 AM

Gucci @ 3 PM

Alberta Ferretti @ 5 PM

N°21 @ 6 PM

Moschino @ 8 PM

Thursday, February 22nd

Max Mara @ 9:30 AM

Genny @ 10:30 AM

Fendi @ 12:30 PM

Les Copains @ 1:15 PM

Vivetta @ 4 PM

Angela Chen @ 7 PM

Prada @ 8 PM

Friday, February 23rd

Blumarine @ 10:30 AM

Antonio Marras @ 11:30 AM

Sportsmax @ 12:30 PM

Etro @ 2 PM

Roberto Cavalli @ 3 PM

Marco De Vincenzo @ 5 PM

Vionnet @ 7 PM

Versace @ 8 PM

Exalt Presents: Gerda Truubon Milan

This is a special showing of London-based designer Gerda Truubon’s seasonal collection. She specializes in ladies’ wear and luxurious silhouettes and styles. Just like in London, her theme for the showing is “fashion in exaltation”, just a different location and audience. And if you’re some reason in Milan this week for Fashion Week, or just there living your best life, this show is also open to the public with ticket purchase. Buy yours now!

Saturday, February 24th

Salvatore Ferragamo @ 9:30 AM

Giorgio Armani @ 10:30 AM

Francesca Liberatore @ 12:30 PM

Missoni @ 5 PM

Sira Milano @ 5 PM

Jil Sander @ 6 PM

Sunday, February 25th

Piccione Piccione @ 9:30 AM

Marni @ 10:30 AM

Emporio Armani @ 11:30 AM

Msgm @ 3 PM

Trussardi @ 4 PM

Tommy Hilfiger @ 7 PM

Monday, February 26th

Assegnato @ 9:30 AM and 10:30 AM

JZ (JUZUI) 2018 F/W collection show by An Zheng Fashion Group @ 6 PM

Monday will forever be the worst day of the week, seeing as Milan Fashion Show will end on that day, but no worries, because come Tuesday, Paris Fashion Week will start. So until then, arrivederci!

Cover Image Credit: Kylie Homes

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