7 Emoji Reactions Facebook Needs

7 Emoji Reactions Facebook Needs

This could change the Facebook-liking game!

For years, Facebook users have asked, jokingly and seriously, for a dislike button on the site. They felt that just having the 'like' was too limiting, myself included. So, to enhance the Facebook experience and make that site a little more bearable (and honest) for everybody, here are seven new reactions Facebook needs.

1. I'm Shook Reaction

Sure, we have a 'wow' reaction, but that doesn't really cover how I feel when I come across a photo or post that truly baffles me for better or for worse.

2. I'm Only Liking This So I Can Save It For Later Reaction

Let's be real, we both know I'm never going to get to it. Sure, Facebook has a 'save for later' feature, but I want people to KNOW that I'm smart and can read articles. I'll read that New York Times opinion piece, eventually...

3. I Don't Really Care About Your Big Announcement But I'm Going To Feel Guilty If I Don't Like It Reaction

(I'll think of more clever names for these reactions, I promise). Everyday someone else posts about their new relationship status, new job, or newly found political opinion and while I'm all for supporting something that makes someone happy, I also haven't talked to you in years. There is also a chance that the announcement is a paragraph long and my attention span on social media is that of a goldfish. That makes me a bad person, doesn't it...

4. Dislike Reaction

Surprise, surprise. It's 2017, why can't I tell people how I really feel about their outdated meme post?

5. I'm Sorry Reaction

Occasionally people will post sad news such as a death in the family, health issue, or natural disaster crisis, and the current 'sad' reaction seems more appropriate for a reaction to a "lost puppy" poster than something as serious as a death.

6. I Keep Liking Your Posts So You'll Notice Me Reaction

You're either someone I just met that I want to be friends with, a high school or grade school bud I'd like to catch up with but don't know how, or a crush. For being a communication major, I sure don't know how to initiate conversation.

7. Tired of Your Nonsense Reaction

Listen, I CAN ONLY TAKE SO MANY VIRAL THREAD VIDEOS THAT AUTOMATICALLY PLAY. Also, I'm all for following and engaging in politics, but if you have that much to say may I suggest starting a blog? Perhaps a Wordpress? This is also a callout at me too. I'm sure you all can handle only so many Odyssey articles on your feed.

I'm sure there are more that I missed, so let me know what honest reactions I missed!

Cover Image Credit: https://www.androidcentral.com

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The Dangers Of Electric Scooters

Lookout for the Limes. Beware the Birds.


They appeared out of nowhere.

I can only imagine a bunch of men dressed in all black showed up in big vans with tinted windows and planted them on grounds in the middle of the night.

And the next day, we were off.

I have to admit, I was slightly terrified by them at first. The traffic. The attention that inevitably comes with a bright green scooter.

But after a few weeks, I found the courage to face my fears, and it was the most beautiful thing I'd ever experienced.

I ride a Lime E-Scooter almost every day. Running late for class? Scooter. Not in the mood for the overcrowded, time-sensitive bus? Scooter. In need of a little pick me up on the way home from a particularly long day? Scooter.

The scooters have become my outlet, my best friends.

But I didn't foresee one daunting factor: the cost.

And no, I don't mean the physical cost when you wipe out and skin a knee. Not all the time I waste running around grounds looking for a scooter instead of getting on a bus or walking. No, I mean the money, baby.

The lime scooter isn't that expensive really. It is only a dollar to get started and then fifteen cents per minute. But, let me tell you, those few dollars and some change add up. I've reached the point where I'm scared to look at my bank account. I have no idea how much money I'm pouring into these e-scooters, but I know that it's way more than I can afford. In fact, at this point, it probably might be more efficient for me to buy a scooter of my own, but the appeal is just not the same.

I love that the scooters are waiting for me around almost every turn. I love that I can drop them off and not bat an eye. I'm obsessed with the ease, the speed, and the wind in my hair. Not even my bright green debit card can change my mind.

Should I stop relying on the Lime E-Scooters so heavily? Probably, yes. Will I? Most definitely not.

So here is a fair warning to you all: be cautious of scooters that appear in the middle of the night. They might just rob your wallet while they light up your life.

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