For years, Facebook users have asked, jokingly and seriously, for a dislike button on the site. They felt that just having the 'like' was too limiting, myself included. So, to enhance the Facebook experience and make that site a little more bearable (and honest) for everybody, here are seven new reactions Facebook needs.

1. I'm Shook Reaction

Sure, we have a 'wow' reaction, but that doesn't really cover how I feel when I come across a photo or post that truly baffles me for better or for worse.

2. I'm Only Liking This So I Can Save It For Later Reaction

Let's be real, we both know I'm never going to get to it. Sure, Facebook has a 'save for later' feature, but I want people to KNOW that I'm smart and can read articles. I'll read that New York Times opinion piece, eventually...

3. I Don't Really Care About Your Big Announcement But I'm Going To Feel Guilty If I Don't Like It Reaction

(I'll think of more clever names for these reactions, I promise). Everyday someone else posts about their new relationship status, new job, or newly found political opinion and while I'm all for supporting something that makes someone happy, I also haven't talked to you in years. There is also a chance that the announcement is a paragraph long and my attention span on social media is that of a goldfish. That makes me a bad person, doesn't it...

4. Dislike Reaction

Surprise, surprise. It's 2017, why can't I tell people how I really feel about their outdated meme post?

5. I'm Sorry Reaction

Occasionally people will post sad news such as a death in the family, health issue, or natural disaster crisis, and the current 'sad' reaction seems more appropriate for a reaction to a "lost puppy" poster than something as serious as a death.

6. I Keep Liking Your Posts So You'll Notice Me Reaction

You're either someone I just met that I want to be friends with, a high school or grade school bud I'd like to catch up with but don't know how, or a crush. For being a communication major, I sure don't know how to initiate conversation.

7. Tired of Your Nonsense Reaction

Listen, I CAN ONLY TAKE SO MANY VIRAL THREAD VIDEOS THAT AUTOMATICALLY PLAY. Also, I'm all for following and engaging in politics, but if you have that much to say may I suggest starting a blog? Perhaps a Wordpress? This is also a callout at me too. I'm sure you all can handle only so many Odyssey articles on your feed.

I'm sure there are more that I missed, so let me know what honest reactions I missed!