10 EDM DJ Duos Better Than The Chainsmokers

10 EDM DJ Duos Better Than The Chainsmokers

Blast these electro beats instead.

Electronic dance music doesn't seem to be leaving the pop or mainstream radio scene anytime soon, which is fine by me, but I can only take so much of Halsey telling me about the Blink 182 song that she beat to death in Tucson. In fact, I can only take so much of the Chainsmokers in general. I am still in a grievous shock that they won a Grammy. Now, if another incredibly famous EDM duo played nonstop on the radio, I wouldn't complain. *cough cough Daft Punk cough*

So, I went out to find just a few awesome EDM DJs putting out great tunes that I definitely recommend you check out!

1. Lost Kings

If you like the Chainsmokers, that's fine, no judgement here, but if you like them you'll also like EDM duo Lost Kings who make great pop bops. Their song "Quit You" featuring Tinashe has a fun, upbeat melody perfect for blasting in your car.

2. Hyper Potions

Do you like video games? Do you like music that makes you feel good? Then Hyper Potions is the duo for you. They create a lot of remixes from video games such as Sonic the Hedgehog and the Legend of Zelda, but their original pieces are just as fantastic. With only about 15,000 subscribers, they need all the love they can get!

3. Beacon

An electronic duo from Ghostly International record label, Beacon produces sweet, smooth, ambient music perfect for listening to while writing articles such as this one.

4. Justice

So, JUSTICE may not be entirely unheard of, and if you are unfamiliar with the name, you certainly know their song D.A.N.C.E. JUSTICE, a French EDM duo (thank you France for making the best EDM producers) released an album last year which I suggest you listen to, and "FIRE," a song from their album, just got a music video.


ODESZA is a duo I've been following for a bit, and I've always enjoyed the music they put out for their listeners. Their latest upload, a music video for their song "Late Night," is an uplifting and visually gorgeous piece of work that puts "Paris" by the Chainsmokers to shame.

6. Snakehips

Snakehips is another one of those duos who collaborate with artists to create catchy EDM hits. My personal favorite song by them, "Burn Break Crash" is insanely catchy and is definitely a song you would hear in a chic Forever 21-esque store.

7. Vicetone

If you enjoy listening to house, meet Vicetone. This Dutch duo has been creating remixes of popular American pop hits and producing work of their own since 2012. "Landslide," the most recent of their work is a collaboration with indie band Youngblood Hawke that makes for a perfect dance-pop-indie fusion hit.

8. Dzeko and Torres

Wait, the video just says Dzeko, what's up with that? Well, Dzeko and Torres sort of split, and by sort of I mean that Dzeko went to work on solo projects while Torres produces behind the scenes as a sound engineer. They still produce together which is why I am keeping them on this list, and Dzeko's first solo song "Liberty" contains a fanfare of brass with a satisfying drop.

9. Galantis

Galantis's music has changed a bit since their early work, but they are one of my personal favorites on this list. The duo's booming bass lines and well tuned vocals make for an enjoyable listen. If "Hunter" is too mild for you, listen to my favorite song by them.

10. Sick Individuals

Sick in the rad sense more than actually ill, sick individuals is a duo I found about a month ago and have the best buildups and strongest drops out of all the duos on this list. Their progressive music comes from something you would hear at a rave or a music festival. So, if that's the kind of feeling you are going for, check out Sick Individuals.

Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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