It was my eight grade year and life was great — the year I fell in love with "One Direction." I cried over the boys on a weekly basis and knew the words to all the songs. I obviously had a poster hanging on every open wall in my bedroom, and my Liam Payne cardboard cutout never failed to scare people when they walked into my room. I spent all my time on Twitter making drafts to spam the boys as soon as they were online and had "One Direction" themed sleepovers with my homies. So, if you were like me and loved "One Direction" until the bitter end (because we all know it's not the same without Zayn,) here are seven confessions of a former Directioner.

1. I hated anyone who pronounced Louis as “Lewis”

He’s British, get it right, b*tch.

2. If my Twitter fan account following dipped under 1000, I would hardcore self-promote

Follow for follow, am I right? My Twitter account @liamsunfl0wers has lost its spark, but the thousands of tweets are still out there in the Internet Universe.

3. I stayed up until 5 AM waiting for a Twitcam

RIP to the X Factor days, but all the stupid jokes and screaming are still available on YouTube.

4. I believed Larry Stylinson is real

The bromance was one for the books, but there were full on conspiracy theories about how Harry and Louis were in a relationship and their management team, Modest Management, was trying to control them. Modest! was always the enemy.

5. When presenters at award shows called them a “British boy band” I was legitimately angry because everyone knows that Niall is Irish

How hard is it to say “British/Irish boy band?”

6. I read the fanfiction

There was some weird sh*t on Tumblr back in the One Direction days and I read it all.

7. My friends and I had competitions to see who could have more posters on their bedroom wall

Is her room blue or purple? I’m not sure, but one thing is certain — she won that one. Any 1D magazine was a must-purchase.

From watching the 7-hour live stream of 1D Day to memorizing the words to all five albums, there was a lot of time and effort put into being a true Directioner. When Zayn left we were all hurt and we hated on anyone who’s favorite song was “What Makes You Beautiful.”

RIP to the original One Direction squad 2010-2015