7 Things All Seton Hall University Commuters Understand
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Student Life

7 Things All Seton Hall University Commuters Understand

The Commuter Struggle is Real

7 Things All Seton Hall University Commuters Understand
Caleb George

I spent my first two years of college on campus. When I moved off campus, as much as I loved it, I also got frustrated with the daily routine of commuting. I finally understood why my friends who commuted complained about it. Here are seven things you'd only understand if you commute to Seton Hall campus:

1. You're going to get cut off.

Every time I enter my car I assume I will get cut off on my journey from Point A to Point B. It's just something that you come to terms with when you drive in New Jersey.

2. You'll also probably cut someone else off.

I'm not an overly aggressive driver but you have to be if you're ever going to get to class on time!

3. Finding a parking space is like winning an Olympic Gold Medal.

This is not an exaggeration. When you get that perfect parking space it honestly changes your whole outlook for the day! The birds start singing, food suddenly tastes better, and you know that it will be a good day.

4. The lack of lounges on campus is frustrating.

Sometimes I want to do homework but I don't concentrate well when there is a lot of noise so this eliminates the commuter cafeteria, the Cove, the Living Room, and the first floor the the library. It's always frustrating trying to find a quiet place to chill in between classes. I usually end up in Stafford and hope for the best.

5. You carry a lot of stuff!

I stack my classes so I only have class a couple days a week. On top of bringing all my books in my back pack, I also bring my gym clothes, a yoga mat, and lunch! Sometimes I have the ability to leave some of that in my car but sometimes I just carry it all with me.

6. You will never buy food on campus.

If you don't have a meal plan, it's hard to justify paying four or five dollars for some fruit.

7. You've taken a nap in your car or the library.

I am guilty of both. Though it may not be the most refreshing nap, it is always needed and no fellow commuter will ever judge you for catching some z's in your car.8. Forgetting your headphones is the worst.

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