7 Characters That Deserved More Love Than Were Given
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7 Characters That Deserved More Love Than Were Given

I will be bitter about all of these characters forever.

7 Characters That Deserved More Love Than Were Given

Have you ever watched or read something and you find yourself resonating with a specific character only to find out that the majority of people actually hate said character? Or even worse, the creator basically screws them over and ruins every beautiful thing you imagined for them? Am I too invested in books and TV shows? Probably. But nonetheless, here are some characters who 110 percent deserved better.

1. Daisy Buchanan from "The Great Gatsby"

I started out with one of the most hated characters of all time because she is the one that deserves the most love. Let's be honest, Daisy was stuck between a rock and a hard place. The man she was married to basically placed a hit on the man she loved. It's not like she could then leave Tom though because, clearly, he had some issues (he had a guy killed). Gatsby wasn't even that great anyways! He pretended her daughter didn't exist! And if Daisy had gone away with him, Gatsby probably wouldn't have let her bring along her daughter! People just need to realize Daisy did the best she could considering how crazy and obsessive the men in her life were.

2. Caroline Forbes from "The Vampire Diaries" TV show

Ugggggghhhhhhhhhh, the ending of The Vampire Diaries was so unfair to Caroline. It literally gave her everything and ripped it all away in seconds. Not to mention, she was ill-treated throughout the entire show. Even her friends looked down on her half the time. Every one even basically admitted she was a thousand times better as a vampire than a human and that's kind of really shitty if you think about it. She also went through the most: some very questionable under compulsion sex, her dad torturing her, accidentally killing her mom, every single person in her life picking literally anything but her first... I just love Caroline so much and she deserved so much better.

3. Barney and Robin from "HIMYM"

How are you going to build up a relationship from the get-go, show all of the ways they work well together, how they work through what they don't work well together, dedicate an entire season to their wedding, and then burn it all down in one episode? What the hell. There were so many better ways to get Ted and Robin back together if it was absolutely necessary (it totally wasn't), you don't have to make people fall in love with another relationship just for the sake of a terrible plot twist.

4. Rudy Steiner from "The Book Thief"

I am totally not crying right now as I think about how absolutely terrible things end for poor little Rudy who I loved with all of my heart. Wow, I'm definitely not bitter about this.

5. Neil Perry from "Dead Poets Society"

This is neither a book or a TV show, but dammit Neil deserved better so here he is. His ending could have totally been avoided if his dad was such a jerk, if teenagers weren't so melodramatic, and if movies didn't need a little something-something to do well at the box office.

6. Bonnie Bennet from "The Vampire Diaries"

This show really did not treat any of its female characters well unless their name was Elena Gilbert. Bonnie was basically forced to give everything up repeatedly from friends who never did the same for her. And her finale was so bad! It just was not even slightly fair.

7. Whitey Winn from "Godless"

My poor, poor heart. He was such a good character and such a good person! His death was just so unfair. He deserved a hero's death, but instead, it was so anticlimactic and took all of a second. He didn't even get a chance to fight! I understand that was the point but was it really necessary?

I honestly get too invested sometimes, but these characters deserved better. Considering everything they went through and all the time dedicated to their growth, it feels incredibly unfair for them to either have an untimely death or to basically have their characters and relationships written off.

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