7 Books Every English Major Should Read This Holiday Season
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Being an English major sounds like a lot of fun to any avid reader. Trust me, it did for me. However, when you get into the thick of it, what you will find is that the major involves reading in overdrive and writing until your fingers feel like they're going to fall off.

However, for me anyway, my love of reading still has yet to go away. As we are approaching some time off, especially since it will be extended for many this year, now is a great time to dig into those books that are inevitably piling up on your bookshelf because you just can't stop buying books you don't have time to read or to finally get ahold of those books that didn't quite make the syllabus. Here are some of my favorites and TBRs.

1. "Beloved" by Toni Morrison

Beloved by Toni Morrison


This was the book that made me realize I wanted to be an English major. If a piece of literature can do what this book does, I knew there was more to do with literature academically that would challenge and excite me.

2. "Little Women" by Louisa May Alcott

Little Women by Louis May Alcott


I have chosen to write my senior thesis on this book, so Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy hold a special place in my heart. Coming back to this sweet and comforting piece of literature is fun, but there is also a lot to study and unpack in this story, so it's engaging for a deep reader to enjoy.

3. "Twilight" by Stephanie Meyer

Twilight by Stephanie Meye


OK, hear me out on this one. While this saga may not be the best-written series of all time, rereading this book has taken me BACK to my most avid reading days. Additionally, studying this novel in class has taught me that there are elements of Gothic fiction and lots of symbolism throughout the text, making it actually a very interesting novel. Plus, a reread will prep you to read "Midnight Sun!"

4. "Custom of the Country" by Edith Wharton

The Custom of the Country by Edith Wharton


If you're not family with Edith Wharton, she's a lot of fun. In this novel, Wharton tells the tale of a Midwestern girl who tries to rise in New York society. This divorce novel is funny and full of twists and turns, so I will be rereading it here soon.

5. "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen


Are you really a hopeless romantic English major if P&P isn't one of your favorite books of all time? Mr. Darcy is the dream man, even though he's awkward, and I am here for it. Plus, Austen is just so funny that the novel is full of laughs.

6. "Emma" by Jane Austen

Emma by Jane Austen


Another Austen favorite of mine is all about making matches until Emma found a match for herself. I enjoy the feminist elements throughout the text, but I think I want to do a good reread to really see it, rather than quickly read it for class.

7. "Harry Potter and the Socercer's Stone" by J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling


While J.K. Rowling is the center of controversy right now for her not-so-kind opinions, the "Harry Potter" septology makes some interesting cultural remarks on the 1980s in England. Reading this book for class allowed me to see the series in a new light, so I think it's time for a massive reread with an English major's eye.

I'm sure my list will continue to grow, but for now, I think this is a great place to begin. So grab a book, a blanket, and a warm drink and finally let yourself enjoy reading again!

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