7 Occasionally Awkward Moments That Shouldn't Be Awkward

Sometimes, normal things just turn awkward. There are some people who can go through life without a single awkward moment because they were just made for conversing with others and diminishing awkward pauses, but this article isn't about them.

Here are some moments that can turn awkward, even for a split second.

1. Saying Hi

*makes eye contact*

Thought process: Do I say hi? Do they know me? Wait... do I know them? Oh yeah! I talked to them at a thing. Do they remember me? Oh well. I'll smile. Don't make it look like you're too excited. In case they don't remember you. Be natural.


2. Saying Bye

You give a speech to say bye and they give two words.

"Have a good day! Sorry, night! I mean life! Have a great life... bye."

"See ya."

3. Dancing at a Dance

Do you show off your cool sprinkler move?

Do you wobble to the beat?


Maybe just head bob...

Nah, just let it out.

4. Farting

If we could let our farts out and not make it "embarrassing," we'd save everyone a lot of stomach aches. We already smell those silent but deadly ones throughout the day anyways.

(Please fart with discretion though.)

5. Pooping

For some reason, even when in the bathroom, the place where certain business goes down, people are very self-conscious about letting others hear them poop. At least in the women's bathroom. But everyone does it. Everyone poops.

6. Shaking Hands

Guy: Goes in for a low hi-five.

Girl: *misreads the situation* Proceeds to shake guy's hand slowly.

(The above situation happened to me about a week ago.)

7. Asking About Significant Others

"How are you and Steve doing? Thinking about marriage?"

"We broke up...:

"Ohhhhh. Um. Sorry for your loss...?"

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