7 Animated Films You Need To Binge-Watch This Summer

7 Animated Films You Need To Binge-Watch This Summer

Indulge in some childhood nostalgia with these animated films this summer.

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Summer is approaching soon, and the three long months are filled with fun and excitement, but also plenty of down time. With all that time to do anything, it's easy to get bored in the haze of heat and no school and no responsibilities, so here are some great animated films for you to pass the time!

1. "Tangled"

What a great movie. It's a fun spin on the classic Rapunzel, and is genuinely funny, with one of the few relatable 'Prince Charmings' in all of Disney.

2. "Zootopia"

Zootopia is another wonderful movie, and really brings to light some serious social issues we are facing today in a family-friendly fashion.

3. "Kubo and the Two Strings"

A beautifully animated movie with a unique and unconventional animation style, Kubo is a wonderfully narrated story with a bittersweet ending.

4. "Big Hero 6"

One of the first Disney movies to portray such diversity, Big Hero 6 is about a group of college students and a boy genius thrown into a diabolical plot they have to strive to stop.

5. "Spirited Away"

I could go on for hours about all the fabulous movies Studio Ghibli has produced, and Spirited Away is by far the most famous of Hayato Miyazaki's movies. Spirited Away truly embodies the spirit of Studio Ghibli, with a captivating plot, breathtaking animation, and a unique story.

6. "Ratatouille"

One of the most creative movies I have ever seen, Ratatouille follows Remy the rat on his journey to becoming a chef.

7. "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron"

Freedom. It means the world to Spirit, a stallion born on the plains of the American west. This movie details his story as Spirit's free existence is threatened by the world around him.

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