68 Things I Would Rather Do Than Go To ASU
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68 Things I Would Rather Do Than Go To ASU

Each day the Territorial Cup nears closer is another day that I consider myself lucky to be a Wildcat.

68 Things I Would Rather Do Than Go To ASU

Each day the Territorial Cup nears closer is another day that I consider myself lucky to be a Wildcat — because let’s face it, who would ever want to be a Sun Devil? I wake up in Tucson every morning because I know I am at the happiest place on earth.

There are many things I would rather do than go to ASU, here are some of them:

  1. Lose $100
  2. Gain 15 pounds
  3. Have a delayed flight
  4. Give up Netflix
  5. Have a pet tarantula
  6. Never get over 15 likes on an Instagram post ever again
  7. Go on a juice cleanse
  8. Keep up with the Kardashians
  9. Lose my wallet
  10. Lose my phone
  11. Lose my keys
  12. Go to the dentist once a month
  13. Listen to "Friday" by Rebecca Black every Friday
  14. Work out everyday
  15. Watch a YouTube video that buffers every second
  16. Reorganize Forever 21
  17. Pick up trash around campus
  18. Only ride a razor scooter everywhere for the rest of my life
  19. Get a tattoo on my forehead
  20. Never eat pizza again
  21. Have a flip phone
  22. Volunteer as tribute for the "Hunger Games"
  23. Not wear shoes around campus
  24. Decorate red Starbucks cups for every customer angry about it
  25. Live in my freshmen dorm for the rest of my life
  26. Be stung be hornets
  27. Have an 8 AM class every semester
  28. Chop my hair off by myself
  29. Drive a smart car
  30. Make my bed every morning
  31. Make a picture of myself in 6th grade my permanent profile picture
  32. Only sleep 5 hours every night
  33. Relive middle school
  34. Put mayonnaise on everything I eat
  35. Be friends with the women on the “Real Housewives”
  36. Accidentally dye all my whites red
  37. Get my car towed
  38. Change my D2L password once a week
  39. Stand in line at the DMV
  40. Only speak in Bible verses
  41. Learn how to do taxes
  42. Go to a One Direction concert
  43. Clean all the fraternity houses
  44. Spend Spring Break working
  45. Eat kale with every meal
  46. Babysit multiple infants
  47. Have a final on the last day of finals
  48. Fight Holly Holm
  49. Eat at the Union for every meal
  50. Vote for Donald Trump
  51. Have my morning alarm be “It’s A Small World”
  52. Have T-Mobile
  53. Be stuck in rush hour traffic every day
  54. Walk on a floor made of Legos
  55. Pay for everyone’s drinks every weekend
  56. Drink expired milk
  57. Put all the IKEA furniture together
  58. Feel like Britney Spears in 2007 all the time
  59. Sit on a 12 hour flight with crying babies
  60. Eat lucky charms with no marshmallows
  61. Play a full game of Monopoly
  62. Actually do all the assigned readings
  63. Be a Dodgers fan
  64. Dig holes at Camp Green Lake
  65. Take Math 112 again
  66. Never celebrate my birthday
  67. Have my tuition raise every year
  68. Go to NAU


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