365 miles.

642,400 yards.

How beautiful is it that I have been given the chance to love, and be loved by someone. It is through the graces of God that we are able to create a team that can go the distance. We are able to look at these 642,400 yards as the path that will always lead us home again to one another.

To love, and to be loved, is a gift.

Yeardley Love was a player of the University of Virginia women's lacrosse team. On May 3rd, 2010, Yeardley’s life was taken from her by her ex-boyfriend. Following the loss of Yeardley, in December 2014, three young women on the Boston College and University of Virginia lacrosse teams began a campaign that works to show just how impactful love, and the way we share it, can be.

Yards for Yeardley has become a community awareness and activation event through which individuals across the country have come together as a community to honor Yeardley and support “One Love’s” mission to end relationship abuse by educating young people about healthy and unhealthy relationships.

University of Dayton Women’s Lacrosse team, along with other sports at the University of Dayton, have felt the impact that Yeardley, and her story, has left. This is why we run.

As a community, last year the partnered athletic teams of UD ran a total of 4.29 million yards to raise awareness of the gift that we all share: Love.

“One Love and the energy of so many amazing young people who are driving this movement keeps Yeardley alive in such a positive way."

-Sharon Love (Mother of Yeardley)

Through the challenge of facing the yards this life holds for me, I have never felt more of God’s love knowing there are hands to hold along the way.

Pledge to #LoveBetter today.

The #LoveBetter campaign is designed to help each of us learn more about healthy relationship behaviors and commit to being healthier in our relationships with the people we love.

#LoveBetter is a campaign designed to make us more mindful and intentional. It is a campaign designed to inspire each of us to be better and to insist on better from others.”

–Katie Hood, One Love Foundation CEO