60 Thoughts You Have While Studying
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Student Life

60 Thoughts You Have While Studying

Finals szn

60 Thoughts You Have While Studying

Finals season. If you're anything like me, it's almost impossible to concentrate for anything longer than 5 minutes. I'm actually supposed to be studying right now. But anyways, here are my thoughts:


2. Why do I have so many exams? I'm an upperclassman.

3. "Upperclasswoman" sounds stupid

4. You're not doing this focus thing right

5. You're, you're right. I'll do better

6. What do you mean my final is 42% of my grade?

7. Why so specific?

8. So what do I need to get an A?

9. Ok that grade is impossible

10. How about a solid B?

11. Yikes

12. Ok a C

13. That's fine


15. I can't go back to something I wasn't doing, but yeah you're right

16. 8 AM final?

17. That's a little inhumane like I didn't pick 8 AM classes so why is this happening?

18. I should've started studying like last week

19. Who let me pick this class?

20. Oh right, it was me

21. "It wasn't me"

22. "Honey came in and she caught me red-handed creeping with the girl next door"

23. I really hate myself right now

24. Ok let's play some lyric-less music

25. The album for "Dexter" lowkey bumps

26. There's a song on the "Titanic" album called "A Building Panic"

27. Perfect

28. Do I really need a degree?

29. Plumbers make a lot of money like maybe trade school is the right choice for me

30. Why didn't I take better notes in lecture?

31. I literally wrote "war=bad"

32. Thank you, me

33. Are you also gonna tell me the sky is blue?

34. Actually, the sky is grey right now

35. "Grey" or gray?"

36. Good thing Google is a thing

37. Ok "grey" is British-English and "gray" is American-English


39. Let's open the Google doc

40. Oh good thing this is 40 pages

41. What did the professor say about a curve?

42. Oops, I accidentally opened Facebook

43. You know what? I always DID wonder when I'll find love based on my ice cream sundae choices

44. I'm lactose-intolerant so I don't know why I'm taking this

45. But cookies n' cream is far superior than the other option here

46. "You'll never find love" ok thanks

47. Oh look, a chicken parmesan how-to video

48. There's dairy in everything

49. Hold up, this person didn't season the chicken

50. Credibility=gone

51. Back to this Google doc

52. Oh that's not a nice word

53. Maybe show up to lecture, Kevin

54. Why is there always a headshot of the professor on every Google doc?

55. Do professors ever look at the doc?

56. I wonder what anonymous animal I am

57. I hope something like "Anonymous Otter"

58. 75 people on this doc, huh would you look at that

59. What time is it?

60. My final is in 6 hours

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