Life as an introvert has been difficult for me to deal with. I was terrified to go to college because I knew I would be on my own and have to make all new friends, which was tough for me before college. Once I started college, I realized it would not be as difficult as I thought once I tried different ways to get more out there.

1. Start a small conversation.

Something that helped me was asking someone in my class for help on an assignment, or something else about the content of the course. Classes is always the best place to meet new people.

2. Join clubs that interest you.

I knew that finding people who shared an interest with me would be the best way to make friends and get out there. I joined several clubs and met many people whom I now enjoy hanging out with and talking to.

3. Go to campus events.

There is always going to be something different going on at campus that could get you to open up. Maybe it is a Bingo night or any sort of games they play to bring people together and have fun.

4. Just be yourself.

Would you want to be friends with someone who pretends they are one person, but they are completely different? I know I wouldn't. Being yourself makes sure the friends you meet are truly your friends not just using you for something.

5. Do not be afraid to speak your mind.

Speaking your mind will help you learn more about yourself. Sometimes you do not realize you feel one way about something until it is brought up in a way. Participating in class is a great way to lose your fear of speaking out.

6. Become close with your roommate.

I know there are some roommates who you may not be close to, but if you are friends then you will meet other people through them. That may force you to go out and come in contact with other people who you may become great friends with.