Venmo is probably the best thing that ever happened to college students.

You don't have to take $20 out of an ATM every time you owe someone money or want to do something (which is especially annoying if you don't have a bank in your school's area). Venmo is used for a lot of different transactions, but in college there are certain ones that every single one of you has done.

Like these:

1. Alcohol runs

Literally 80% of Venmo transactions.

2. Pizza

Someone has to take the hit for that midnight delivery.

3. Frozen Yogurt

There's always that one friend that goes ham at the self-serve froyo place and doesn't have enough in their account until payday (guilty).

4. Midnight food runs


5. Gas

Gotta get the cash money for those airport rides, am I right?

6. Uber rides

There's a fee to split rides on Uber. When in doubt, Venmo it out.

7. Impulse Amazon Prime order.

You just ordered enough Pirate Booty for the semester? I'm definitely going to be part of that investment.

8. Movie tickets.

And popcorn.

9. Parent Donations.

Always welcomed.

10. Rent.

Roommates feel this one.

11. Utilities/Internet/Cable/Netflix bill.

And all of these, too.

12. Emergencies.

Someone always loses their wallet.