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Everyone is different and professors are no exception. Some, we love, and others are the reason students are terrified of college. Nonetheless, it is definitely worth discussing. Here's the types I have already experienced after a mere three semesters.

1. The Delinquent

Despite the name, this is definitely one of the more favored ones. You can pretty much expect class to be cancelled, so go ahead and plan lunch with friends. As far as tests go, you can either expect an easy A, or it could be all on you to prepare yourself. But who cares about that when you can sleep in an extra hour and not worry about being kicked out for absences?

2. The Nazi

So you're finally out of high school and can go to a class where anything goes right? Wrong. Better silence that cell phone or you can expect retaliation in your next graded paper worth half of your final grade. In high school, if you were late, might as well be extra late and grab breakfast on your way. Not in this class. Door is locked on the dot, and it's a full absence if you leave early. Definitely low on the list in regards to favorites, but you can expect to learn all you need.

3. The Gossip

Even though this one is more known on smaller campuses, this one is still worth mentioning. Have a little too much at the bar last night and show up wearing glasses inside? Don't worry- this professor will be able to tell you everything you did last night. And if you're out of the loop when it comes to the recent drama, head over to office hours and not only get the scoop, but also earn some brownie points for putting in the extra time with class.

4. The Honors Junkie

Whether you're in the honors program or not, this one is the worst. Take an average paper due every other week and throw that out the window. You can expect an above average essay due at the end of each week, not including the homework and journals due every class. If this one doesn't like you, whether it's personal or not, you might as well kiss that brag-worthy GPA goodbye.

5. The Loon

Sure, this one makes for good stories. But at 8 o'clock, there's nothing worse than a crying professor using their class time as therapy.

6. The Life Coach

Everything is applied to the future in this class. It doesn't matter what subject, this professor turns anything into a philosophy lesson. On the bright side, it makes those pointless prerequisite classes worth taking. Also, you have an unbiased opinion for all of your problems.

Here's the professors I've encountered so far. Share, comment, and let everyone know about the ones you've met!

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