6 Types Of Group Chats That You Are Probably In

6 Types Of Group Chats That You Are Probably In

A relatable list of all the group chats we are currently in.

Group chats could be a gift from God or a total nightmare. They could either consume your whole day and be a total distraction or could be left on "do not disturb" and never spoken in. Either way, it is clear that there are around 6 different types of group chats that people are usually in. As the years go on the settings and tools for group chats constantly advance but the people in the group chat remain the same.

1. The "Family" Group Chat

Family group chats are a place to brag about your accomplishments, ask to donate money to whatever philanthropy you are currently involved in, and for Grandma to send a text message with a million emojis.

Family group chats are not written in every day and are certainly not where you share your juicy gossip. However, they are important to catch up with your family who may live all over the country. Although every family is different, every family GROUP CHAT is the same.

2. The "Home Friends" Group Chat

This group chat is one you had forever, or at least since high school. It is your best friends in which you share all of your gossip with. However, things get tricky once college starts because most of you will separate and make new friends and overall new lives.

These group chats are home to countless ugly selfies, bad grade rants, homesick feelings, and much more. It is important to stay in touch with these friends if you are ever looking for a piece of home. These group chats are usually written in every day, but if it's not every day it will be at least a few times a week.

3. The "College Friends" Group Chat

This group chat is home to all the new, close friends you meet throughout the first semester of college. You guys are already close enough and it feels like your home friend group chat with a slight personality difference.

This group chat will stay with you for the next years of college and probably for years after that. You will share internship and job details here and not to mention who the latest significant other is. College friends are like the family you never had and you have 4 years to make countless memories.

4. The "Camp Friends" Group Chat

Anyone who went to camp knows how important these friends are. Although you usually only see these friends for 2 months out of the year, they are some of your closest friendships you will ever have. This group chat is used to count down the days until camp even if the number is at 344.

This group chat is used for vent sessions, discussions about Saturday night's party, "home friend" drama, and so much more. There is nothing better than looking forward to a weekend meet up with your summer family. Without your campies, you could find yourself lost.

5. The "Teen Tour Friends" Group Chat

For those who went on a teen tour, you know how close you can get to a group of people in just a few, short weeks (shoutout UCLA!). Teen tour friends are similar to camp friends however you only go on one trip together for one summer yet you come out as a big family of brothers and sisters from around the country.

Sometimes the teen tour group chat can die out a little bit but you know that as soon as you type in it, you will get instant responses. You will constantly reminisce about memories and confess how you would do ANYTHING to go back on that trip with the people you love. Even though after the trip you will all go your separate ways, you will always know in your heart they are just one text away for amazing support.

6. The "Class Friends" Group Chat

Nobody likes doing homework alone. Or homework at all for that matter. But when you have a group chat with friends from your class it makes life easier. These chats are used for due date questions, homework help, and sometimes a way to see what's going on a Friday night. Even though these are not your closest friends, it is still a great way to receive homework help and any other questions you may have throughout the semester.

As you can tell, group chats are vital. It is hard to think back to the times where we did not have this luxury. It is interesting to think about how many group chats we are actually in and how each group chat has a different personality and atmosphere. I know that without my group chats I would be lost in the world, and I'm sure everybody else feels the same way.

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11 Things Your Overprotective Parents Do When You’re At College

They may be a little crazy but they love you.

Going to college is not only a new experience for you, the student, but also your parents. The house undeniably feels empty without your presence. Some parents try to fill this void by getting a pet, others go to a lot more get-togethers to gather with other parents who are in the same boat. And then there are some parents who do their best to feel like they’re always with you – in other words, texting and calling you a lot.

We love our parents, but sometimes we just need to step away and fully embrace the college experience of living away from home. That can be hard to do if you have overprotective parents, though. Here are 11 things they do on a regular basis – how many can you relate to?

1. Ask how you are/how your day is going 30 times a day

Don’t they know I’m always going to respond with “fine?"

2. Freak out if you don’t answer the phone and/or their messages

Contrary to popular belief, college students do other things than being glued to their phone screens. Heck, we balance classes, clubs, social life, staying fit – we all deserve medals.

3. Make you print out your schedule for them every semester

And of course, you tell them of any room changes, even though class building names mean less to them than gibberish.

4. But then text you even when they know you’re in class

What is the point of giving you my schedule?! And then when I do respond while I’m in class, I get “Aren’t you in class??” Yes, mom, and this isn’t high school where teachers confiscate your phone if they see it out. We are adults.

5. And still get upset that you don’t reply within 30 seconds

I am trying to learn.

6. Make you text them either good morning or goodnight every day

It’s half cute half extra.

7. Make you set a schedule of when/how often you will call them, FaceTime, etc.

A bit of an exaggeration, but they definitely say “you should call us every day whenever you have a chance” or “why don’t you FaceTime us more?”

8. Ask you 1000 questions when you do something outside of your daily routine

“Who will you be with? How long is the event? What kind of food will there be?”

9. Ask you for your roommate’s/housemates’ phone number(s)


10. Text and/or call your roommates/housemates once you fail to pick up 5 of their phone calls

It feels more embarrassing than the worst public humiliation you could imagine. Like, Mom, if you had just waited 10 more minutes…

11. Love you more than you can imagine

At the end of the day, I remind myself that they do all this because they care about me.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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The Ultimate Thank You List My Mother Deserves

Saying it 100 times won't even be enough, thank you mom.

My mother has done so much for me in my short 19 years. And even as I've said before in 12 Ways My Mom Is Better Than Yours, she means the most to me.

She knows life without me, but I never want to know life without her. Often times I get so caught up in living my own life, that I forget to stop and take appreciation for the most important woman in my life. So here is my attempt at the thank you list my mother deserves:

1. Thank you for loving me even when I don’t love myself.

2. Thank you for always letting me have “one” bite of your food.

3. Thank you for putting me through ballet.

4. Thank you for not allowing me to quit ballet.

5. Thank you for still cooking dinner on nights when you were too tired to even stand.

6. Thank you for always singing in the car with me, even though I don’t have the voice of an angel like you.

7. Thank you for not giving up on your own dreams.

8. Thank you for showing me how important it is to have my own dreams.

9. Thank you for meeting my stepdad.

10. And thank you for forcing me to hang out with him even when I didn’t want to.

11. Thank you for forcing me to do chores.

12. Thank you for almost always answering the phone when I need it most.

13. Thank you for working multiple jobs at a time to provide for our family.

14. Thank you for always forcing us to go to family events.

15. Thank you for forgiving me even when sometimes I can’t forgive myself.

16. Thank you for making my favorite dinners every time I visit home.

17. Thank you for being selfless.

18. Thank you for always donating to the fundraiser called my life.

19. Thank you for never giving up on yourself.

20. Thank you for teaching me to always try to see the best in others.

21. Thank you for praying for me.

22. Thank you for being my parent before being my friend.

23. Thank you for teaching me the importance of my own opinion.

24. Thank you for teaching the importance of a budget.

25. Thank you for teaching me I’m not always so alone in life.

26. Thank you for supporting me in my crazy dreams.

27. Thank you for trusting me.

28. Thank you for letting me go to college 500 miles from you.

29. Thank you for believing in me.

30. Thank you for believing in yourself.

31. Thank you for teaching me how to cook.

32. But also thank you teaching me there is nothing wrong with microwave dinners.

33. Thank you for teaching the importance of personal care.

34. Thank you for letting me express myself.

35. Thank you for allowing me to figure out who I am.

36. Thank you for helping me with depression.

37. Thank you for our long talks.

38. Thank you for always letting me vent to you even when you’re busy and stressed.

39. Thank you for listening to me talk about the same thing a million times.

40. Thank you for giving me an amazing sense of style.

41. Thank you for always sharing your shoes with me.

42. Thank you for buying half sized larger shoes just so we could share them.

43. Thank you for not letting my siblings kill me.

44. Thank you for making me a spoiled brat.

45. Thank you for your strength.

46. Thank you for sending me care packages in college.

47. Thank you for seeing potential in me.

48. Thank you for letting me make my own mistakes.

49. And thank you for not telling me “I told you so” too many times when you warned me about said mistakes.

50. Thank you for teaching me the importance of family.

51. And thank you for teaching me that family doesn’t have to be blood.

52. Thank you for teaching me how to be independent.

53. And thank you for letting me be independent.

54. Thank you for teaching me how to be fearless.

55. Thank you for taking me shopping.

56. Thank you for letting me steal food from the fridge and take it home.

57. Thank you for making the most of Christmas, even though you hate that time of year.

58. Thank you for teaching me the importance of a hand-written letter.

59. Thank you for talking me out of dating that boy.

60. But also thank you for comforting me when boys break my heart.

61. Thank you for teaching me there is nothing wrong with shopping at Goodwill.

62. Thank you for smiling even when it’s hard to.

63. Thank you for putting my needs before yours.

64. Thank you for the hours you watched me change my outfit.

65. And then thank you for not losing it when I pick the first one that I originally put on.

66. Thank you for teaching me to always work hard for what I want.

67. Thank you for being my ultimate best friend.

68. Thank you for forcing me to clean my room.

69. Thank you for making me do my own laundry at an early age.

70. Thank you for always being my cheerleader.

71. And thank you for being your own cheerleader.

72. Thank you for trusting that I can do what is right for me.

73. And thank you for always giving me your opinion, even when I don’t ask for you it, about what is right for me.

74. Thank you for not trying to control me.

75. Thank you for being my number fan.

76. Thank you for letting me sleep in your bed till I was five.

77. Thank you for always being there when I’m “dying” from sickness.

78. Thank you for always coming to support me at my games.

79. And thank you for always cheering the loudest.

80. Oh and obviously thank you for giving birth to me.81. And I guess thank you for changing a million and one diapers.

82. Thank you for always getting up early in the morning.

83. And thank you for putting up with me in the morning.

84. Thank you for always hyping me up on Facebook.

85. Thank you for always being able to make me smile.

86. Thank you for not giving up on me, even when I gave up on myself.

87. Thank you for always offering to send me money when I’m struggling.

88. Thank you for inspiring me.

89. Thank you for giving me my siblings.

90. Thank you for always being honest with me, even when I didn’t want to hear it.

91. Thank you for sacrificing your time.

92. Thank you for always being my rock.

93. Thank you for teaching me how to love myself.

94. Thank you for teaching me how to love others.

95. Thank you for teaching me how to not let people walk all over me.

96. Thank you for teaching me how to stand on my own.

97. Thank you for teaching me to believe in myself enough to take action of my own life.

98. Thank you for always being proud of me.

99. Thank you for always taking care of me.

100. And thank you for loving me all the way to the moon and back.

Cover Image Credit: Constance Woodard

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