With spring break coming up for many students across the country vacations are being booked and plans are being made. But what if you have no idea where you should go, or how much you can or cannot spend?

That is what this plan I created is here for. It is to let you know how to ball on a budget for spring break, in college, while still having a great time. You will also be making memories that will last a life-time, so why not do it without breaking your budget with these few tips.

1. Get a big group.

While making a big group can sometimes complicate things, it also has many more advantages that you might not have considered. This includes having more people to split up the cost of a house or condo with. As well as the food situation, or lack there of, this offers for the bill to be split in many more ways than just two or three.

It can be a great thing to grab a bunch of friends and split gas, groceries, and housing costs' while all making some memories of a life time.

2. Find someone who's willing to share their house, especially if it's a condo.

Friends with beach houses can be some of the most reliable and fun people to keep around, because they always have a place to retreat to. They definitely come in handy when needing a place to crash at the beach so you can get your tan on all spring break long.

I'm sure it won't hurt your budget either getting a nice discount on your stay!

3. Skip the restaurants and cook for yourself.

On contrary to popular belief, eating out can add up very quickly. Therefore, I suggest that you cook when you can to save some extra money. And then go out to eat when you absolutely have to or for that special occasion where you and your girls want to get dressed up.

4. Stay on the beach, not in the room.

Not only are you paying to be at the beach, but you are there with all of your friends. So absolutely take that time to lay on the beach and not in the room.

Also, the more you are in the room, the more likely you are to eat continuously or even unnecessarily spend money on who knows what.

5. Carpool and karaoke.

Why ride by yourself and have to hear yourself think for however many hours the car ride might be? Riding with friends not only makes it more fun, but also makes gas cheaper. You can split the cost while jamming out to some of your all time favorite music.

This is definitely one way to save while making some great memories.

6. Share your closet.

Often when spring break comes around, it's easy to blow hundreds of dollars on new clothes and swimsuits that you convince yourself that you just have to have.

However, an easy way to fix this is to trade closets with your friends around you. That way, you get a fresh new batch of clothes and the best part is that it was free! Just don't forget to return them later.