6 Tips For Attending a Death Grips Concert
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6 Tips For Attending a Death Grips Concert

Bring a friend for comfort!

6 Tips For Attending a Death Grips Concert
Tuscon Weeklt

Concerts are some of the happiest places on earth. Watching your favorite artists perform for a room full of people who have the same love for music as you is every bit of exhilarating. Even with excitement in the air, some shows are a bit more intense and scary than others. I'm talking about the psychedelic group Death Grips. Here are some tips to keep in mind when attending a show of theirs, and how to let loose and not be frightened!

1. Bring a friend along

You'll feel a lot safer. Having someone to hold your hand when an intense mosh is brewing will help you feel more secure. Concert buds are always appreciated, no one likes going to shows alone!

2. Watch where you throw your hands/elbows/etc.

This is how people get broken noses and broken faces. The music is fast and upbeat and you're going to want to dance in a hardcore manner. But be considerate to those around you! You don't want to be the reason why someone looks like they got drop-kicked in the face.

3. Remember that it's just music

Depending on who you are, this show might just feel equivalent to a horror film that you can't escape. Remember that it's only music! These shows are meant to be lots of fun, not to bring harm upon you or inflict pain.

4. Dress appropriately

Hardcore shows are hot. As much as I approve of the saying "fashion before function", in this case it doesn't apply. The flannels and sweaters have got to go, and wear closed toed shoes!

5. Get familiar with mosh pit etiquette

A mosh pit may occur! Everyone is packed tightly together to the point you can't move.The further you are from the stage, the more intense the moshing is. The back tends to be the area where jumping and throwing occurs most. Choose your spot wisely!

6. Have a blast

Concerts are meant to be fun. Make the most of your experience! Death grips won't be just any ordinary show. Even if you have an insane amount of bruises on your body when the night ends, it will save for some good memories in the future.

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