When you're in a committed relationship for longer than a year, you learn a lot about each other, such as what your significant other likes, what they don't like, etc... You may also think they know everything, but who are you kidding. Do men really know everything about us women? What our hidden meanings are? So many times, we answer yes to a question but really mean no. Do you think they really pick up on those clues? Probably not, since they're usually too logical and rational to do so. When you've been in a committed relationship with your boyfriend for a year or so, however, he doesn't really know everything that he should be doing.

1. Please, please, please flaunt me everywhere.

Take pictures of me, post me on your social media, change your relationship status to say that you're actually in a relationship with me, tell all your friends you've got me, flaunt me at a restaurant, show that I'm yours. Just please show and tell to the world that I'm yours because it makes me feel wanted and valued even more from you.

2. Please cuddle, kiss, hug, any affection all the time.

I love when you give me random kisses, or when you reach over to cuddle me. It makes me feel so warm and gooey inside.

3. I want PDA, Public Display of Affection

When we are walking to a store, I like when you reach for my hand, or when we are out in public and you kiss me. It just shows that you're into me only and that I'm the only girl you see. It makes me feel good.

4. I like it when you invite me to something that's important to you

When you want me to come to one of your games, or want me to come with you to a friend's, it makes me feel wanted and that you're happy when I'm around you.

5. Even if I don't wear jewelry, buy my jewelry

I know, it's kind of a contradiction to buy my jewelry even if I don't wear it. I know you're being practical when you don't buy it because it's possible I'll never wear it. but just getting a necklace, or a bracelet from you is sweet and kind that you went to the store and thought of me when you picked out the piece of jewelry.And honestly, I want to brag to my friends that my boyfriend got me this piece of jewelry. I mean let's be real, most girls are into that.

6. Quality time means everything

I love going out to places and being around you and with other people, but what I love most is when we have quality time together. Such as, making dinner together then snuggling up on the couch for a movie, or going on a hike together, whatever it may be, I love when it's just you and me and nobody else around.