16 Things That Prove You Love "How I Met Your Mother"
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16 Things That Prove You Love "How I Met Your Mother"

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16 Things That Prove You Love "How I Met Your Mother"

1. You start saying "legend- wait for it- dary" a lot.

You all know the infamous Barney phrase, “Legend-wait for it- dary,” but who would have thought you would start using it in our everyday lives? When anything cool happens you find yourself saying this exact phrase and only those around you who understand it are true HIMYM lovers.

2. "Slap Bets" are your new favorite form of betting.

While watching HIMYM you all questioned how well slap bets really worked. But when you tried using it with your friends, you finally understood the pure joy Marshall had when slapping Barney. "Slap Bets" have become the new way to handle arguments. Don’t forget to assign a slap bet commissioner though.

3. You quote the show religiously.

You’re just sitting there having a conversation with your best friends and then something is said that reminds you of the show. You see that your friends heard it as well and you all begin to have a conversation that is strictly the dialogue from the show. Everyone else around you is giving you all questionable looks wondering what is actually going on but you are happy to know that you and your friends know them meaning behind every random phrase that is being said.

4. Marshall and Lily are your new relationship goals.

Marshall and Lily’s relationship is one to live up to and you know it. They have been through it all, whether it was a break up that nearly killed them or buying a slanted apartment, they worked through it and lived happily ever after. They are the epitome of true love and something we aim to gain one day.

5. You refer to Barney as your spirit animal.

Barney Stinson has an ego bigger than Jack's bean stalk. He is the guy you love to hate yet hate to love and you would not have it any other way.

6. You find yourself wanting to open a bar with your friends and call it "Puzzles".

Let's be honest, opening your own bar with your best friends is the dream. You know when Ted and Barney were talking about it you wished more then anything that you had thought of it first; and you know for sure "Puzzles" is a great name for a bar. People will ask, “Why is it called Puzzles?” and the answer will always be, “That’s the puzzle.”

7. You openly accept and announce every challenge thrown your way.

Whenever someone bets that you are unable to do something,you find yourself replying with, “Challenge Accepted,” loud enough for all to hear. You turn nothing down and accept everything that is thrown your way. Barney has obviously had an impact on you.

8. You start searching for doppelgängers.

Your eyes are constantly peeled looking for you and your friends look-alikes. There could be something different about them that does not make them identical, but they have to be pretty darn close. Once you think you have found, them you have to show all your friends for proof.

9. Your new goal is to live in an apartment with your best friend above your favorite bar.

I mean who’s goal would this not be? You would work all day and then come home and go to your favorite bar with your besties. You would not have to worry about finding a ride home after having one to many drinks because you live just a couple of feet away.

10. You believe, even more then before, that everything happens for a reason.

Due to the way the show is portrayed, you see how one thing affects everything else in your life. You see how one move can change the path you were on and its results in the end. The whole show is a flashback of how Ted met his wife, including every small detail, and it eventually proves to him truly loving Robin the whole time. This gives you even more trust in the saying "everything happens for a reason."

11. You have hope that love can change anyone.

If Barney can actually get married and commit to a family after years of being a womanizer, then anything is possible.

12. You start acting like you and your friends are the characters from the show.

Each person of friend group has a character assigned to them that they show similarities too. You start to see yourself and your lives as the show and and everything you do is in reference to an episode.

13. You have a need to visit the New York City bar that models MacLaren’s Pub.

Once you found out there is a bar in NYC that represents MacLaren’s you knew that was your next stop. Everything in the bar, including the menu and whats on T.V,. has to do with HIMYM. If that is not the best place you have ever heard of than you are crazy. It is called McGee's Pub. Make sure to include that in your next NYC trip's itinerary.

14. You have your own personal situation that represents the pineapple incident.

We all remember the pineapple incident and we all can agree that there is a story in our lives that we have named after it because…lets be honest everyone has one.

15. You could watch every episode multiple times without it getting old.

HIMYM is just one of those shows that you can replay repeatedly without it getting old. You could never get annoyed with it, the jokes are still funny and the moments are still entertaining.

16. You use the, “Have you met Ted?” phrase with your best friends when you’re the wingman.

When you are the wingman for the night you know the only good opening line is,“Have you met Ted” (but of course changing the name to fit the person). It seems to work so well in the show, why would it not work in real life?

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