6 Things That Increase My FOMO

FOMO, also fondly known as Fear of Missing Out, has been the staple of my teenage years. It sucks when you know your friends are out and having fun when you feel like you're too awkward and lame to be out with them. Unfortunately, FOMO has seemed to have gotten more prevalant over the years, thanks to technology and our dear friend social media. Here are 6 things that are guaranteed to increase your FOMO and need to be eradicated immediately.

1. Snapchat Stories

Snapchat stories are a great way to make your night feel pretty lame. Unless you're out too, checking snapchat stories just reminds you what you missed out on that night. And since they last for 24 hours, it reminds you that your friends are doing really cool stuff while you're sitting around doing nothing.

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2. Instagram

Having friends that constantly post cute pictures from a party on Instagram can be emotionally crippling. Not only were they have a really great time, but it almost feels like they're rubbing it in your face. I get it, you're prettier and more popular than me. I'll still double tap the pic though.

3. Facebook

Checking Facebook now almost seems like a competition to see who is having better time in college. I haven't posted a single picture from college (yet) but all of my friends seem like they're having an incredible time. Meanwhile, I'm the same old awkward mess in college.

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4. Groupchats

Everyone has a groupchat with their friends where they can talk about their plans for the night but it's always incredibly awkward when you find out your friends have forgotten to include you in. Whatever, guys, I got my Netflix subscription anyway.

5. Hearing your friends talk about an upcoming party

Sitting with people and having them talk about a party you weren't invited to is more uncomfortable than sitting on a thumbtack. Even when you don't know the host, or anyone else going, it still sucks when you feel left out.

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6. Hearing the memories afterwards

Not only did I not get invited to the party in the first place, now I gotta hear about how Jimmy backflipped into the pool off the roof. The story might have been funny the first time, but if I'm going to have to hear it for the next six months, it's really going to drag my self esteem.

While all these increase FOMO, I still can't stop myself from doing the exact same things. Call me a hypocrite, but you bet I'm going to post a Snapchat story the next time I go out. Hey, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

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