I suppose that everyone has to hate at least one holiday in their lifetime. For some, it's Christmas. For others, its Halloween. I even met someone who hated Easter once. For me (and many others) it's Valentine's Day. If you're one of the many others, you'll be able to relate to these 6 struggles.

1. People asking "why"

I don't know why. I just hate it. No, I'm not bitter about it. No, it doesn't have to do with my current relationship status. I just don't like it. Every time someone asks, the voice in my head says "not again!"

2. All of the social media posts

I'm just as guilty as the next person for posting a picture of myself with my boyfriend, but I try to avoid scrolling through my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter every February 14th so I won't have to spend all of that time looking at pictures of everyone who is in a relationship.

3. The pink, purple, and red EVERYWHERE

Pink, purple, and red are all great colors - just not together. Unfortunately, Valentine's Day is all about putting them together. The ocular suffering is prolonged because we don't have another holiday that we decorate for between New Year's and V Day.

4. People talking about their Valentine's Day plans endlessly

I get it. You're going to dinner at a fancy restaurant. You're going to give each other chocolates and flowers before declaring your undying love for each other in an aforementioned social media post. Inevitably, I end up hearing this story 50 times before the day actually comes.

5. Fake people only celebrating love because of the holiday

People who never spread love are suddenly talking about loving everyone, sharing the love, and all of those other ideas that are easy to say but hard to do. Couples should love each other and treat other like royalty every day, not just one day a year.

6. Being expected to love the holiday of love

This one is big, especially if you're in a relationship and therefore have a Valentine. Having someone to celebrate with does not automatically mean that someone loves the holiday. It doesn't mean that there's any less love for your Valentine; it just means you don't care about having a holiday to celebrate that love.