6 Things You Should REALLY Know Before You Go To College
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Student Life

6 Things You Should REALLY Know Before You Go To College

We are past the times when life was easy and we had our parents every step of the way.

6 Things You Should REALLY Know Before You Go To College

My parents raised me to be very independent and I never thought twice about it.

That was until I got to college and things that I once thought were common knowledge were actually not to many of my friends. We are past the times when life was easy and we had our parents every step of the way. Now, we are becoming young adults and off on our own. We are not quite sure how it happened, but it did, and we need to be ready for it.

Here are 6 things you should know before you head off to college:

1. How to do laundry

If you're not sure how to do your own laundry, you'll most likely end up with a lot of pink socks and shrunken t-shirts. Separate your whites and colors, read the labels for hand-wash or hang-dry, throw a pre-portioned tide detergent pod in, press start, and you're good to go

2. How to clean

A small space can become messy very fast. I used to be lazy when it came to cleaning my room, but then I started to feel sick very often. I began cleaning my room weekly and I saw my health improve. Dust and dirt accumulate very quickly, as do germs. You do not have to go crazy cleaning every day, but a quick vacuum and a clorox wipe-down does wonders

3. How to write a letter and address the envelope

You will most likely receive a few letters during your semesters at school. You should always have a stationary set handy to respond with and know how to use it. You can write as many letters as you want, but if the envelope is not written out correctly, that letter is never leaving the post office

4. How to sew

It is very easy to drop clothes off at a tailor and have them fix it up and sometimes, a tailor really is necessary. But if you have a button fall off or a small tear in a shirt, it is very quick and easy to sew it back up, not to mention cheaper

5. How to cook

I, myself, am no chef. I do not have the patience nor skill. Yet, there are some meals that my mama and grandma have taught me how to make. Cafeteria food becomes old and eventually you run out of money to eat off campus. Nothing compares to eating a home-cooked (school-cooked) meal and you'll be thanking yourself later

6. Learn how to manage money

Many of us work long and hard over the summer and/or throughout the year, so why throw it all away when you get to school? Do whatever method will work for you. Make a budget on your phone or make a spreadsheet. Determine wants and needs. Compare how much you make versus how much you usually spend. I think it is always acceptable to treat yourself but only after you have what you actually need

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