Although summer has just begun, it's never too early to start thinking about your dorm room for next year. With so much to buy, and so many options, dorm shopping can get a little overwhelming to say the least. Here are six things everyone needs in their dorm this year!

1. Storage, storage, storage

When living with another person, storage is key. Under-bed storage bins and closet organizers can help you organize your room and help you clear up the most space as possible. The Container Store will become your new best friend!

2. Cute tapestries

You're going to want to cover up those ugly cinderblock walls with something- what better way than with tapestries. Amazon and Etsy sell cute, trendy tapestries at affordable prices.

3. Lights

To make your space feel a little more homey, invest in lamps and strong lights.

4. Pictures

Print out pictures to fill empty wall space. Polaroid pictures are a great way to personalize your dorm.

5. Cleaning supplies

You would be surprised just how dirty a small dorm room can get. Make sure you have a vacuum and plenty of Lysol wipes when you move in. Trust me, you'll need them.

6. Mattress cover

You may have some separation anxiety from your comfortable bed at home when you first move into college, Because your dorm will become your new home for the next 9 months, it is important that you make your bed as comfortable as possible. Mattress covers, pillows, and a cute bed spread will make your dorm much more livable.

Happy dorm shopping!!