6 Reasons Why You Should Vacation in Disney

6 Reasons Why You Should Vacation in Disney

Why The Happiest Place on Earth truly is as its name says.


I have been going to Disney World for about eight years now for my summer vacations. No matter how many times I go, or how long the visit, it never fails to excite, entertain, and surprise me. The magic created by the bright, sunny Florida destination is incomparable to any other.

1. A Whole New World

As soon as you enter through the arched purple gates encapsulating the front entrance, you are greeted by the smiling, friendly faces that will be accompanying you for the rest of your stay, and they mark the end of any semblance of normal, everyday life. Inside is a colorful and beautiful world unlike anything outside them that transports you to a place of wonder and exploration, making you believe you are nowhere near anything you've seen before.

2. A Dinner Here is Never Second-Best

One of the features of Disney World is that the food, no matter where it is, is amazing. Each park and resort if filled with restaurants and snack shops, each uniquely themed and deliciously stocked. Each meal consumed is enough to fill you for days, with desserts and sides and anything else you could think of crowding the table. Your only job is to tuck your napkin 'round your neck (cherie).

3. Something There That Wasn't There Before

Disney is constantly working on new things for their parks so we never become bored. Whether it be a renovation, a remake, or a new addition, something is changed after every visit. New lands are always being planned or built, ensuring that each visit is a new and equally exciting experience that will make you want to come back again and again.

4. In Summer

Luckily, Disney World was placed in a location where travel there could be enjoyable year-round. Winters in Florida aren't necessarily freezing, and snowstorms are unheard of. Christmas visits can be made with only a light long-sleeve packed, rather than a heavy puffed coat. Planning a vacation doesn't have to be limited to only one season of the year because Florida is eternally in summer.

5. Ain't No Worries

Disney, similar to many other vacation destinations, provides a place where you can forget about any problems plaguing you and just relax and enjoy. While many places may offer this feature, I believe Disney does it especially well, as there are countless distractions and entertainments that are completely other-worldly, letting you be whisked off to a fantasy land.

6. You've Got a Friend in Me

If you've ever connected with one of the many, lovable characters in Disney movies, then you should know the feeling of being able to meet them in real life. Life-size and full of personality, the classic characters found on-screen are wandering around the parks and hotels, ready to make your dreams come true and to make your day.

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