6 Reasons Why Pinterest Should Take Over Your Life

6 Reasons Why Pinterest Should Take Over Your Life

There are so many more amazing things about Pinterest, these are just a few.

Pinterest has been around for awhile, and many people seem to have it but nobody ever talks about it. Occasionally I hear, "oh I got the idea from Pinterest," but we are not giving it enough credit!

I feel like I have been a Pinterest follower since day 1, for it was only created in March of 2010. Looking through my pins, you can definitely see the trends I've followed and the ideas I've dreamt up. Pinterest has been there for me throughout all of my different ideas. If there is anything you need to know about me, just look at my Pinterest. It shows many different aspects of my life like tattoo ideas, sorority ideas, gift ideas, crafts, workout tips, life tips, etc.

1. There are "how to's" for just about everything

How to study efficiently, how to shop on a budget, how to make money as a college student, how to pierce your own ear and everything in between!

2. There are recipes for any type of person

Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, on a budget, or going all out, there are recipes for you!

3. Lifestyle tips

There are infinite pictures of workout routines, weight loss plans, outfit ideas, beauty tips, gift ideas, etc.

4. Endless artistic ideas

The art and DIY category can provide you with ideas for sorority crafts, school projects, home decorations, "do it yourself" projects, tattoo ideas, wedding ideas, and MUCH MUCH MORE!

5. You can post anything you want and organize it within "boards" that work as folder

You can create an account and from there you have your profile which consists of your pins and your boards. You can browse through thousands of pins related to your search and save your pin into a "board" that you can title for that specific category of pins you can post on that board.

6. You not only get ideas from Pinterest, you can browse "buyable pins" that are related to your search

There will be a picture, caption, and price on a product you can purchase; clicking on the picture will take you directly to the website where it is sold. Knowing that you can save your pins into boards, you can save any products you are interested in.

I sound very broad when I explain how Pinterest can rule your life, but it is mind-blowing at how many ideas can be found on a single website. Honestly, Pinterest is almost like Google...

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5 Lessons Others Have Taught Me

Thank you to the people who helped me thrive.

As I get older, I discover more things about myself, others, and life in general. Sometimes things are good and other times they're horrible. However, through myself and in speaking with others, I have learned such valuable lessons that I could use in my everyday life. Some of these things gave me more confidence while others made me get a nice slap from reality. I hope that in the future I continue to learn more, and that what I've learned so far can be used by others as well.

Here are five life lessons I've learned from others:

1. "Don't spend time worrying about things that can't be prevented."

Taught to me by my step-dad, this is one of the most important things anyone has every told me. When I was younger and first developed anxiety, I made myself sick over everything. I was that one kid that heard there was a thunderstorm warning and started packing emergency kits.

One day, he sat me down and said, "Why are you worrying yourself silly over things that can happen no matter what you try to do to stop them?" I remember feeling stupid and having one of those 'U know what u right u right' moments.

There isn't any point of stressing yourself out about possibilities of what could go wrong when you can't change it. Sometimes, nothing even goes wrong! If you find yourself worrying about the impossible or things beyond your control, stop and calm yourself down. Sometimes life goes a different way than expected, and that's fine too.

2. "You will always find a reason to keep going in life."

Taught to me by one of my dearest friends when I was going through a lot of bad things and felt like I had no motivation to do anything anymore. I barely wanted to be on the planet. She told me to list a bunch of things that made me happy and told me that these are just small reasons to keep myself moving and doing my thing. Since then, I have always helped people who feel similarly to the way I did.

If you ever feel like giving up, think of everything you have or want to achieve in life. How would you do those things if you weren't here? What would all of the people you listed do without you? Things may definitely get hard sometimes, but you're way too important to give up.

3. "Live your young adult years up while you have them."

Taught to me by none other than my mom, when I started getting upset about where I was in life, she sat and talked to me about everything. No one goes into the day knowing what can happen. We could find out we're sick or have it be our last day. Tragedy could change our lives, and none of us would expect it.

Why waste the years everyone would kill to relive? Take chances, get in trouble, go on adventures, fall in love, make friends that will last a lifetime. Take a lot of pictures and videos while you live it up. It's so important to remember to have fun after a long day because you don't know when you won't be able to anymore. I want to be old and grey and remember the craziest of times I had when I was younger. Let's live our lives spontaneously while we have time.

4. "Let love find you unexpectedly."

I can't really remember where I heard this, but I have from multiple people. The perfect person may find you while you're at your worst. They might come into your life when you never thought they would, when you were doing anything besides looking. If you're happy with someone or find the person that makes you feel whole, go for it . Why pass up on a great person because you're scared or feel hesitant? Life is about taking risks, and no one knows the result of actions we may go through with. The only way to find out is to take the unexpected and roll with it .

5. "If you're unhappy, why keep yourself in that situation?"

Taught to me by another best friend of mine who is my go to for advice and always comes back with the perfect responses. When times get tough, he really knows exactly what I'm thinking and says the truest things.

"If you aren't happy or satisfied with where you're at, why stay there?"

This goes for relationships, friendships, jobs, and really any life situation. If you find yourself struggling or dragging through where you're at, change it. You have so much potential to be happy and love life. Life isn't about just surviving, it's about living. (Shoutout to one of my old friends for teaching me that too.) It's about making the most of a situation and thriving. Go out there and be happy!

There are five simple but important lessons that I have been taught. They stick with me to this day and influence my everyday life. Yeah, we're all still learning, but let's make the best of what we've been taught so far.

Cover Image Credit: Street Photography

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7 Bullet Journal Hacks for Happy Tracking

It's 2018, so let's step up that bullet journal game!

For those of us diving into bullet journals this year, here are a few ideas to keep track of. If you're like me (maybe a little OCD), you like seeing progress over time. And there are tons of things to keep track of in a bullet journal. So I narrowed it down to seven fun items to keep track of this year. Personally, I keep track of all these things. I'll even show you a few pictures. So here's a peek at my favorite bullet journal items!

1. Daily Color-Coded Mood

Draw a block, divided into cubes for each day of the year. Choose a color for various moods: red for an absolutely horrible day; orange for a bad day; yellow for a meh day; green for a good day; blue for a great day; purple for the best day ever. At the end of each day, color in the appropriate square and by the end of the year you'll have rainbow enigma of emotions!

As you can see, I skipped a couple weeks. There's nothing wrong with that! Pick right up where you left off and keep going! Don't get down on yourself for skipping a day here or there.

2. Daily Water Intake

What's your goal for the amount of water you want to drink each day? 16 glasses? Draw a graph (this may take up quite a few pages) with days in the month and glasses of water. Color in the appropriate squares as you drink each glass of water. It's a fun, visual way to see your progress each day. Maybe keep your journal in or near the kitchen so you can easily track progress as you drink.

3. Savings Budget

There's probably something in your life for which you need to save money. Textbooks, sorority dues, grocery money, or maybe just a new pair of shoes you've been eyeing. Set up a page in your bullet journal with a timeline ending in the amount of money you need to set aside. Then each time you set aside part of your paycheck, color in the timeline the appropriate length until you reach your goal!

4. Good Song Lyrics

If you're like me, your favorite song changes from week to week. But you always want to remember those awesome lines that speak to your soul. What better way than to create a collage of lyrics over the coming year!

5. Books Read or Want To Read

If you're super creative (unlike me...) you could draw an actual bookshelf and write in the titles. And if you're like me, you're better off writing titles of books read. (I have literally hundreds of books I want to read) Mark down when you finished them and a rating on how good they were!

6. Daily Habit Tracker

Take an entire page and draw up a massive grid. Mark each day of the month on one axis. On the other axis, list habits you want to keep track of. As in: making your bed, working out, taking a walk, meditating, washing your face, doing laundry, saving spare change, going to bed on time, journaling your thoughts, cleaning the house, doing your makeup, calling your parents, no spending, tracking in your bullet journal, and the list could go on. At the end of each day, color in the grid squares of the habits you completed.

You might skip making the bed every once in a while - and that's quite okay! This isn't supposed to be a way to put yourself down for how little you do. It's only supposed to be a way to see how often your habits occur!

7. Bucket List

Probably most of us have a bucket list we'd like to complete before we die. But how many of us keep putting off our bucket list items until next year? Well, here ya go. Buckle up and get ready! For 2018, find a few items you want to check off, write them in your bullet journal, and leave a little space beneath each item for notes. As the year goes on, do some research on how to make these items come to fruition. (Psst, you could put number three to good use here - save money to pay for your bucket list!)

Let's say you want to go skydiving. Research near-by skydiving places and how much they cost, the time commitment, and how far you have to travel. Start setting aside money. Get any required physical exams or permits. And SIGN UP FOR IT. That's the biggest step. Once you have yourself committed on paper, it feels more official. And before you know it, you'll have an item checked off your bucket list!!

Cover Image Credit: Kelly Siedhof

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