6 Reasons Why Pets Are Family
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6 Reasons Why Pets Are Family

While they can’t express their emotions using words, we can usually make a good guess at what they are feeling.

6 Reasons Why Pets Are Family

For people who have grown up with pets in their house, you know how special these companions are.

The bond between a pet and owner is something unique, and while some people may mock you for your obsession with your animal it is nothing to be made fun of for. Pets are a part of the owners’ families and should be cherished as much as possible. They provide so many great benefits for the people they come in contact with, which is why raising a pet is an amazing experience that no one should miss out on.

Here are 6 reasons why pets are considered family:

1. They Are Smart

Animals are much smarter than we ever thought, and we discover more about their intelligence every day through research publications. While the lack of language and opposable thumbs can make it difficult to measure intelligence in animals, it is not difficult to conclude that animals are incredibly intelligent creatures. Just watching your pet go through his or her daily routine you will notice moments when your pet shows great intelligence.

2. They Are Protective

Many people believe that dogs are the most protective creatures, but this is far from the truth. While domesticated animals maintain some wild instincts, protection of their human families is one of the most important instincts for them. We see stories in the news all the time about cats, dogs, and other pets saving their owners’ lives.

3. They Show Emotions

While they can’t express their emotions using words, we can usually make a good guess at what they are feeling. Dogs will show joy and happiness through wagging their tails while cats show contentment by purring. Research has shown that dogs use many facial expressions similar to ours, reacting differently to loved ones, strangers, and pleasant or unpleasant objects. It’s also proven that animals do in fact grieve over losses of family members. Just a quick google search will bring up heart breaking stories of pets losing their owners and the grief the pets endured.

4. They Cherish Their Owners

Pets have many ways of showing their love for their owners. Dogs wag their tails, follow you throughout your home, lick your face, jump to hug you, lean on you, sleep near you, and actually smile at you. These are all methods that dogs use to show their owners that they love them. Cats will purr, roll around, “bunt”, knead, bring you “gifts”, groom you, and sit with their backs to you. While cats biologically don’t need to blink, a slow blink from a cat indicates that they cherish and trust you.

5. They Are Loyal

Pets know who their owners are and always show loyalty to their families. Animals want to bond with a group, so when they are brought into a family they immediately bond with their “pack”. There have been many instances when an owner's pet has stood by his or her side through tough and sometimes dangerous situations.

6. They Provide Comfort

It is scientifically proven that pets can decrease levels of anxiety in their owners and provide comfort. Pets not only relieve anxiety but they can also improve your quality of life. This is why we see emotional support animals, therapy pets, and service animals so often. They are also used often in hospice care to help calm agitated patients. For hospice patients who have lived with pets for a majority of their lives, animal therapy may provide a more home-like atmosphere for them.

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