6 Reasons Why "Love Island" Is Better Than "The Bachelor/The Bachelorette"
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6 Reasons Why "Love Island" Is Better Than "The Bachelor/The Bachelorette"

I got a text that says you should go watch "Love Island"!

6 Reasons Why "Love Island" Is Better Than "The Bachelor/The Bachelorette"

Just like practically everyone else in the U.S., I have tried numerous times to watch "The Bachelor" or "The Bachelorette", but each time I just become annoyed by it. The idea of a huge group of around thirty men or women going after the same person as their potential love interest just does not sit right with me. To be honest, there is not a lot about those two shows that I enjoy.

One show that I had been wanting to watch forever was "Love Island", particularly the UK version, because I had heard great things about it and I had seen Cody Ko and Noel Miller discuss it on their YouTube channels. Finally, I started watching it on Hulu with my friends at school and I instantly was hooked.

Therefore without further ado, here's why I think "Love Island" is a better show than "The Bachelor".

1. Multiple men and multiple women as contestants


As previously stated, I hate the idea in "The Bachelor" that these huge groups of men or women are all pining over the same exact man or woman. You can't seriously tell me that they are all attracted to or in love with that person. It also just feels somewhat disgusting and wrong to me that one person can just mess around with all of these contestants while playing with their emotions as well. I like how "Love Island" has multiple contestants of each sex in order to allow them to explore more. It just feels more natural and it makes it more entertaining as a whole to see how each couple interacts.

2. The narrator of "Love Island" is a comedic genius


Yes, "Love Island" has a host, but the narrator is the true star in my opinion. I have never watched the U.S. version, but in the UK and Australian versions of the show, the narrator cracks me up. He makes so many witty comments and puns about the contestants, which adds a little bit of humor and light-heartedness to the show. Sometimes he'll say things that make sense and other times you'll be wondering what in the world drove him to say something like "sexy moon, mysterious moon..." and yes he has said that in one of the episodes. Anyway, I love him and he basically makes fun of the seriousness of the show, which I appreciate.

3. "Love Island" is WAY less staged


OL, to be honest, I am not sure if any of "Love Island" is scripted or staged, but it has always been glaringly obvious to me that "The Bachelor" is controlled by the producers. Some people may think that "Love Island" is boring or too slow, but in my eyes, that is because it is more real. The conversations that the contestants have feel so much more authentic and believable than anything I have watched on "The Bachelor".

4. There isn't one contestant who has to be crazy every season


It seems like every season of "The Bachelor" has one or two absolutely crazy men or women who the producers keep around for entertainment purposes. However on "Love Island", I have yet to see anything like that happen. There may be some contestants that are more unlikeable than others, but none that are so obviously put on the show for the sole purpose of acting crazy or super irritating. Also, if there is someone who is unlikeable, they will most likely be voted off by the fans. Overall, it seems to me like all of the "Love Island" contestants genuinely want to be there to find love or make friends.

5. Everyone in the villa becomes one big family


I absolutely adore how close everyone in the "Love Island" villa becomes over their time on the show. Almost everyone supports each other, gives one another advice, and becomes good friends. It makes me smile watching the whole group geek out over a couple who just shared their first kiss or went on their first date. Maybe it seems strange to some people, but I think it's nice to see them interact so positively.

6. New people are always showing up


Nothing is more exciting on this show than when a new girl or guy is brought into the villa. Everyone on the show goes crazy and this is usually when drama occurs because they are all afraid of losing their girl or guy to the new person. For the single people on the show, this also means another chance to find a love interest if none of the other contestants were a match. It is also nice for the viewers because it is refreshing to meet a new contestant or two to make things more interesting.

Trust me, this show is a million times better than "The Bachelor/Bachelorette". Go watch it right now! You won't regret it.

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