Once upon a time, in Pawnee, Indiana, the best best friend to every walk the planet surfaced through our TV screens - Leslie Knope. After binge watching Parks and Recreation in only a month, I noticed, not too far into the series how awesome it would be to have Leslie Knope as a best friend.

1. She will make sure your priorities are straight.

Whether its deciding to skip class/work or what to wear, Leslie will always make sure you're thinking clearly. She's your go-to when you can't make a decision (of course she'll make a pro's and con's list).

2. She throws great parties

From a small gathering to a huge party, Leslie Knope is the queen of going all out while planning events. Even for the smallest of events, she'll make sure you feel special because "there ain't no party like a Leslie Knope party, 'cause a Leslie Knope party is actually 30 parties."

3. She'll eat a ton with you without judgement.

Everyone needs a friend that will sit on your couch and eat your body weight in food and not judge you at all.

4. She's always around to give you a hug.

Everyone needs a good hug from time to time. Leslie is too good of a person to let any friend live life in sadness. She always wants to help make someone feel better. She will always welcome you with open arms (even if it's against your will).

5. She gives good advice.

Your best friend is your go-to when it comes to advice. They're the only person who you can tell almost anything to and get a completely unbiased opinion. Everybody deserves their specific go-to person for advice, and Leslie is your girl.

6. Overall, she's the best.

Overall, Leslie Knope is the perfect friend anyone can have. From her bubbly personality to her kind heart, Leslie is the best friend everyone needs to have.