6 Reasons to Vote on November 8th

6 Reasons to Vote on November 8th

"I'm busy." is no longer a good excuse to not vote.

If there is one thing that seriously irks me about my generation, it is their reluctance to vote. Even my own sister would've chosen to abstain from voting (if she was of age) because there were "no good choices," an answer that has no doubt become commonplace in our nation. In case you are a millennial still on the rocks about voting, here are six reasons to vote on November 8.

America is a democracy.

One of the things that makes our country different from others, is the pure fact that anyone 18 or older regardless of their race, sex or sexual orientation is allowed to cast a vote.

Your vote matters!

Regardless of what side you've taken (or not taken), this election will matter. Whether it was Florida in 2002 or the anti-Brexit voters, there are plenty of scenarios in the modern world in which voting, or rather not voting caused problems. In the words of Abraham Lincoln, "The ballot is stronger than the bullet."

People fought for your right to vote.

Regardless of your background someone, somewhere, fought for your right to vote. Don't let their sacrifice be for nothing, and choose to vote.

You don't want to be a hypocrite.

Nobody likes a complainer, but if you are going to complain about the current political situation, at least do so knowing that you tried to make a difference, by casting your vote.

It's your civic duty.

Most people want to be an active member of society, and voting (among other things) is a great way to do so. Plus every time you vote, you are being a great example to the younger generations who, believe it or not, are watching you.

You're voting for more than the president.

Suprise! Most people don't expect to see positions other than the president on their ballot, mostly because they aren't as well publicized. Believe it or not, November 8 is your chance to also vote for things that delve into both state and district matters. For instance, all 435 seats in the House of Representatives and 34 of the 100 Senate seats will be up for the taking this election. Currently both houses are controlled by Republicans, but this could all change (specifically in the senate) next week. In addition to state representatives, 12 states will be electing governors. As we've seen over-and-over again governors matter, not only do they create the state budgets and allot money to many things you probably care about, they also have the ability to veto bills that come from the state legislative. Although the things you will vote for differs on a state and district level, you can see all the details on your voting situation on this website.

If nothing else vote for a sticker. See you November 8. :)

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Removing Toxic People From Your Life

You do not, and I repeat, do not, owe others an explanation for doing something for the betterment of your own well being.

Unfortunately, toxic people are always going to be present and coming into your life. There are many ways to deal with them and they can be represented by several characteristics. However, it is your personal choice when deciding what to do with them. Do you let them stay in your life and keep taking more than they give? Or, do you cut them out of your life?

Toxic people look just like any other person on the outside, but they are usually narcissistic and overbearing on the inside. They can appear to be friends, family, peers or even college roommates. Toxic people are typically greedy and manipulative. They make you think that they care about you when really, the fact is that they only care about themselves. They are not going to be there to congratulate you on your personal victories because inside they just want to see you fail to make themselves look better.

Toxic people never apologize for what they have done that was wrong, especially if it is something that hurt somebody else. Sometimes, they tell fibs about what happened and they are far from the truth. Finally, toxic people bring back irrelevant information to arguments and hold everything that you have ever said against you.

All of these characteristics are those of a toxic person or somebody that you hopefully do not want in your life. Now, the question remains, what do you do with them? My advice to you is to cut them out of your life and move on. Eventually, you realize when enough is enough with somebody and you cannot handle them mistreating you any longer.

Always remember that you are allowed to leave those who have hurt you. You are allowed to be selfish sometimes when it means taking care of yourself. You do not, and I repeat, do not, owe others an explanation for doing something for the betterment of your own well being. What some people have a hard time realizing is that it is okay to want to make yourself happy.

You should not have to quietly sit there and smile while other people are walking all over you. You are a human being, and you have a right to let someone know that they are hurting you and that they need to stop doing so. You are allowed to set boundaries when people are overstepping and making you feel uncomfortable.

Whether you take my advice or not, I am confident that you will make the right decision in regards to dealing with toxic individuals. However, just trust me when I say that once you can, and choose to recognize and erode the toxicity of these awful beings, you will see an array of positive changes in your life and overall well being.
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The National School Walkout Day Is Important Because Staying Silent Is Not The Best Option

We must make our voices known.

Protests are usually controversial. There's really no way around it; that's kinda the whole point of protests. But the National School Walkout Day is important because we, as students, no longer feel safe in our classrooms. With all the armed robberies happening in Eugene currently, I don't even feel safe walking around NEAR campus. Even walking alone on campus has become slightly terrifying.

But I don't enjoy living in fear. Maybe it's my resilient spirit, but living in fear is one of the things I hate. I chose to participate in the walkout for that specific reason. I should feel safe sitting in a classroom while trying to learn new material. I shouldn't have an added layer of FEAR to the classroom environment.

How are we supposed to learn when we're worried about being the next victim in a list of school shooting victims that is already way too long? Even though I didn't have class at the time of the walkout, participating in it still was extremely powerful for me. Seeing so many fellow students united in our fear and resilience is incredibly powerful.

Many people disagree with this walkout, and argue that walking out of our classes for seventeen minutes won't change anything. My problem with this mindset is that these kinds of people don't think ANYTHING can make a change. However, most of our actions have the potential to majorly affect more than we realize. Staying silent about this issue won't create any positive change, so why not protest and show the country and government how unhappy we are about this current situation? We must make our voices known.

Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia

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