You shouldn't be so afraid to spend your summer working. A lot of people don't think they want to, and most of that is because they don't understand the importance of it. You may be surprised to learn that the benefits go way beyond even after your first paycheck is spent. Here are 6 reasons why having a summer job is important to a college student:

1. You make your own money.

Who doesn't like making their own money? This is one of the biggest reasons college students get a summer job. It gets annoying asking your parents or siblings, or anyone for money. It's just much easier and more responsible for earning it yourself. It gives you more confidence and makes you feel good. You learn how to handle money as well.

2.You learn responsibility.

Having a job has taught me more responsibility. During the summer it's easy to slack off and find reasons not to do anything, it's easy to sleep in and have nothing to do. However a summer job helps you learn to be productive, you learn to be on time and to do what you're told. You learn to how to manage your responsibilities, it makes you more of an adult.

3.You build your resume.

Building your resume is another great challenge. Having summer jobs helps you prepare for the job you might want out of college and it looks good now your resume. Employers find it impressive that you're working (for whatever reason) in your free time than staying home doing nothing. It's good to be productive and it gives you an advantage.

4. You learn time management.

Trust me, having a good routine in college is good. Managing your time can be such a difficult thing to do while at college. So many things are happening and personally being organized is the key to my success. By having a job over the summer, I learned that I can now better manage my time. You learn to work with your work and life schedule and set your priorities right.

5. Meeting new people

If you're a social person, this wouldn't be so hard for you but if you're a little introvert like me, you'll learn how to do better around new people. When I first got a retail job, I was so scared of the people I'll have to talk to more than the job. I got much better at talking to my customers and my coworkers. Plus, it doesn't hurt to expand your social and networking circle.

6. It's productive.

Summer is the time to have fun and not be stressed about school. It's also a good time to be productive. You have so much time in your hands it's hard to find anything to do. It's good to get a job you enjoy and you can work and still make time to enjoy the rest of your summer. This time can also be used to learn more about yourself, about what you like to do career wise and about the silks you have.

Even if you don't have a job yet this summer, it's never late to keep searching. Keep in mind, having a summer job isn't only about earning some extra cash, working the minimum wage makes you realize many things about the real world and yourself. There are many more benefits to having a summer job.