6 Real Life Scary Stories To Make Your Halloween Even Creepier
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6 Real Life Scary Stories To Make Your Halloween Even Creepier

What’s a better Halloween party favor than candy? An unsolved murder mystery.

6 Real Life Scary Stories To Make Your Halloween Even Creepier

If you’re like me and you love Halloween and everything about it, then you probably also love the scary stories you heard as a kid. You know, Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin, Frankenstein, Scooby Doo etc. Well now that I’ve gotten older, I’ve found that my obsession for Halloween and everything terrifying has also gotten a bit scarier. No, I don’t mean that I consume bags upon bags of candy corn, which would honestly be pretty terrifying. As my love for Halloween has grown up, so has my love for scary stories. If you want to be the coolest kid at the Halloween party this year, you might want to do some reading up. Here are __ of the best and most ghastly mystery stories to get you in the mood for Halloween.

Jack the Ripper

Most of you have probably heard of him, but have you heard how freakin’ weird his story was?! So basically, Mr. Ripper, who lived in London, was a serial murderer in the late 1800’s who killed only women that we are aware of. This dude took organs from his victims as trophies. YEAH. Gross, right? The weirdest part, though, is that after the police got involved and citizens started committees to catch the killer, the murders came to an end. No one knows how or why. Did he leave the country? Did he die?

Don Henry and Kevin Ives

This one is weird. Don and Kevin were two teenage boys from Bryant, Arkansas who died tragically, but not in just any old way (if you can even die at that age in a ‘normal’ way). Don and Kevin were last seen standing completely still in front of a train before it hit them, so naturally, the police said it was an accident. However, when the autopsies came back on the bodies, it was discovered that Don was stabbed and Kevin had been knocked unconscious before the train even hit. Weird, right?

The Blind River Killer

In 1991 Gord and Jackie McAllister were taking a road trip through Ontario when they decided to take a break at a rest stop near Blind River. At around 1am, a man claiming to be a police officer knocked on the door and shot them both. Jackie died, but Gord escaped by jumping from their RV and hiding beneath it. As the murderer fled the scene he shot another man and escaped into the darkness. Gord was able to identify the the killer as a tall man with long, blond hair, but that’s about it. Creepy. Don’t worry too much, though. Police suspected the man who shot the McAllister’s to be an ex-police officer named, Ronald Glenn who is now doing time for the murder of two other people.

The Disappearance of Angela Hammond

This story will remind you to never go anywhere late at night. Seriously. In 1991 Angela Hammond, who was pregnant at the time, stopped at a store to call her boyfriend on a pay phone. As she was speaking to him, her boyfriend said she complained that a man had begun to circle the parking lot she was calling him from. Angela told her boyfriend that she saw the man get out of his car and make his way towards the pay phone next to hers. Angela’s boyfriend made his way to the store she was at, but as he was on his way he saw a truck matching the description and heard his girlfriend screaming from it. Angela’s boyfriend attempted to follow the truck, but his transmission failed and he lost them. Since then, no one has been able to find Angela and no one has been charged with her disappearance.

Cameron Remmer

In 2011, Cameron Remmer, nearly 30 years old at the time, went to San Francisco on a business trip and checked into the Fairmont Hotel. Mr. Remmer reportedly called his friend about a week later and asked to borrow money so that he could pay for the hotel room, but then retracted his request and told his friend that he had been able to find a new place to stay. According to the hotel, Cameron had gotten himself into trouble for drinking too much and was asked to leave. Before leaving, Cameron Remmer checked his bags in with the hotel and claimed he would be returning later to retrieve them. He did come back, but actually never got his bags. When he finally returned he was apparently extremely out of it and wearing a different shoe on each foot. After leaving again, the hotel opened his bags up and discovered 60 vials of medical marijuana and $30,000 worth of cash. Remmer never came back for his bags and just totally disappeared. ???????????

The Death of Alan Jeal

This one will probably leave you feeling a little confused. In 2014 a man’s body washed up on the shore of Perranporth, England. The man was wearing socks and one shoe, but also had a pair of Apple iPhone headphones hanging out of his mouth with another rolled up sock tied to the end of them. Who would do that. I mean really, what does that mean?! Also, on the man, was a photo of a young boy. Anyways, the man was discovered to be Alan Jeal, who was seen earlier that day at a bus station speaking to people who have yet to be identified. Also, remember the photo that was found on his body? It was actually a picture of Alan when he was two. To make things seem like there was no foul play, officials also found that Alan had purchased a weighted vest and ankle weights which helped point in the direction of suicide. What does all this mean? Could it actually be that he planned on drowning himself? Neither the vest nor the ankle weights were found and when the autopsy was done, it was discovered that Alan had actually suffered some pretty serious trauma to his head and chest, which meant that foul play actually couldn’t be ruled out at all. What happened to you, Alan?!
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