6 Nickelodeon Shows That Are Still Favorites

6 Nickelodeon Shows That Are Still Favorites

Ni, Ni, Ni, Ni, Ni, Ni, Ni, Nick, Nickelodeon!

Turning on the TV and flipping to the cartoons nowadays really makes nostalgia set in. Every time we see what cartoons have become, all we can do is sit back and remember how great we had it back in the 90s. Here's to Nickelodeon for filling our childhood with happiness!

1. "Rugrats"

With the first episode airing in 1991 and the last in late 2004, "Rugrats" was a constant favorite among viewers. Through the years, we all got to experience tons of adventures that never would have happened if it wasn't for those babies. We all found great joy in watching the rat pack grow up into the moody, crazy teenagers that there were in "All Grown Up". Thanks to "The Splat" we get to adventure with them again!

2. "Guts"

Every kids dream was to get to compete in the Extreme Area to experience their childhood sports fantasies. Each contestant battled their way through four events and finish with the Aggro Crag! Although it was not aired long, it is one Nick show that is truly missed.

3. "The Wild Thornberrys"

Eliza Thornberry had the power that all of us wanted as a child—being able to talk with animals. With her hip parents, too cool for school sister, wild child brother, and loyal companion chimpanzee, Eliza had one of the coolest families ever! These cool cats weren't afraid to reach for the stars-- or the wild, that is.

4. "Legends of the Hidden Temple"

With four levels to get through, the goal for the competitors was to make to through the Mayan Temple to find the legendary hidden artifact. It is known for its athletic excitement and its fun way of learning about history, mythology, and geography.

5. "Rocket Power"

"Rocket Power" will always be a favorite because it made us feel as though we could do extreme sports too! From skateboarding to surfing to snowboarding, this show was nothing short of an adventure outside of the box. Also, lets not forget that it gave girls confidence in a world were boys dominated. We can thank Reggie for that!

6. "Figure It Out"

Played with with four panelists, kids with unusual talents would go on the show and try to get them to guess the phrase that refers to that talent. There were three different 60 second rounds that the panelist have to guess it. The show is full of laughs, fun, and lots of slime!

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