6 Music Artists With The Craziest Fans
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6 Music Artists With The Craziest Fans

Obsessive doesn't even scratch the surface when describing these crazies!

6 Music Artists With The Craziest Fans

We all have our favorites when it comes to singers and songwriters, but there are some people who take the definition of "crazy fan" to a whole other level. Here are the top six music artists that have the misfortune of having crazy fans:

6. Rihanna

This super fan of Rihanna’s has a total of 14 tattoos dedicated to the “Queen of Barbados” herself. She also claims that her obsession with the singer helps her weed out potential relationships because she’s “only interested in men who are Rihanna fans anyways.”

5. Justin Timberlake

Justin once had a woman claim she was God and that she and Justin were destined to rule the world together…yikes! In addition to the almighty woman’s claims there were also reports of her trying to convince JT’s security team that Babylon witches were chasing her at the same time. The psychiatric ward was the next stop on “God’s” agenda that night.

4. Chris Brown

It turns out that naked women can appear in Chris Brown’s bed without the permission of C-Breezy. As it turns out, a woman once broke into the singer’s home and had raided his daughter’s bedroom and wrote various voo-doo related graffiti.

3. Beyoncé

Queen Bey’s fan base is obviously full of obsessive, crazed divas. But aside from any normal human being who can’t resist the glamour that radiates off of such a perfect person, there are the fans that take that obsession to an extreme. A Brazilian fan once was graced with Beyonce’s presence during one of her performances as she was signing to the crowd. Apparently that was the perfect moment for this man to get too excited and pull the singer down from the stage as a result from the aggressive exchange of affection.She recovered in the best way possible and actually addressed the situation with poise and gratitude for her fans.

2. One Direction

There are different kinds of crazy but this kind really takes the cake. Among the millions of “Directioners” that follow the boy band, One Direction, there was one particular fan that went absolutely psycho after receiving no response from the band members on Twitter. The Twitter user @illumivato threatened Liam Payne to follow her back on the social media website or she would kill her dog. Attached to the tweet was a picture of the Chihuahua being held down by its neck by the fan. After no response from the pop star, the fan tweeted another photo to him with the dead dog in her arms and the statement, “I love you. Follow me. My dog has just died.” The same fan had tweeted violent posts to other members of the band in the past with pictures of small animals in blenders and even with her mother in a choke hold. What a psycho! (Obviously due to the graphic nature of some photographs found online, Twitter screenshots have been posted instead)

1. Justin Bieber

We all know about the unfortunate trends of social media that seem to consume our timelines on occasion. One of the worst ones that swept the internet was the #CutForBieber hashtag launched as an original hoax to attempt to get Bieber to stop smoking marijuana. With the fan base that the teen sensation has consisting of mainly young, teenage girls, the campaign was taken extremely seriously and there were masses of photos with the hashtag supporting the act of cutting oneself that flooded the internet. There were a multitude of young girls who didn’t even understand what they were doing who followed what they believed was right and what would get them noticed by the pop star. (Obviously due to the graphic nature of some photographs found online, Twitter screenshots have been posted instead.)

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