6 Misconceptions Of People In Psychology

1. We Want To Be Therapists

The most common stereotype of being in psychology, it is also a common joke as well, no shade to the people who want to be therapists either. But lets face it, a lot of us don’t want to be therapists for various reasons, theirs now many jobs we can do like going into sports psychology or even forensic psychology.

2. We Can Feel Your Emotions

As far as I know, most of us aren’t psychic or an empath, while we generally know how people can feel we can’t read your mind. For a lot of us we go in psychology because we want to help people in some way.

3. We Can “Fix” You

Yes, ok it’s complicated, we know all about emotions and chemical imbalances to diagnose anyone with a mental illness and know how to treat it. But that doesn’t mean we are “fixing” you, mental illness for the most part is for the rest of your life and can’t be “fixed” or magically cured. I know we’re expected to know everything about mental illness but in some cases we don’t know why some here, therefore untreatable, for now anyways.

4. We Can Counsel You Before/During/After College

Legally, no we cannot do this, while people may think we can, infact we can’t, in order to do that, we often need a masters or even a PhD in order to start conselling people. Even though we may know the material we cannot do this as a lot of us don’t want to becoming psychatrist’s or some type of counselor. While we can give advice and stuff, we can’t actually do it unless we have the proper training and degrees.

5. We’re Psychoanalyzing You All The Time

Bitch, say what? Honestly it always cracks me up thinking that people actually think we do this to everyone we meet or talk to. While sure, ok we sometimes, emphasis on sometimes psychoanalyze you, but for the majority of our lives we don’t. In fact, we are not crazy, nor we don’t think everyone is crazy.

6. We Don’t Know What We Want

First off, just why? Secondly, just what? Just because we want to be in psychology doesn’t mean we don’t know what we want, a lot of us honestly just want to be able to help people. Sure, it’s not the traditional way, but we are helping people weather through consoling or other means.

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