6 Important Things To See In Philly: Winter Edition
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6 Important Things To See In Philly: Winter Edition

Not the Liberty Bell or Independence Hall. I promise.

6 Important Things To See In Philly: Winter Edition
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Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love has done it yet again. Not only can people visit to see historical American sites, like the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, Philly also offers wintertime activities (and fun, exciting activities in general) for residents and tourists alike.

1. Blue Cross RiverRink Winterfest.

Ice skating is a winter classic and Philadelphia makes it even more beautiful. For just a $3 admission fee, ice skating is open to the public throughout the week. If you need to rent skates, the price is raised to $13 per person but the view is totally worth the extra ten bucks. The rink is located right on the Delaware River which offer's a gorgeous view. If you get chilly, feel free to sit around the fire pits or in the old-fashioned lodge to help warm you up. To top it all off for those with a bit of an appetite, there's food available for you to eat during your time at the rink.

2. Philadelphia Museum of Art.

The PMA is definitely in my top five favorite museums I've ever been to. The museum is just $14 for people age 13 to 18 or with a student ID, and only a few dollars more for people without an student identification. It also gives you access to the Rodin Museum and the Perelman Building. Trolleys are also accessible every few minutes outside each building as transport. Plus, the famous Rocky stairs are right in front of the main building, so stop by and live like Rocky for a minute (or just watch people sprint up the stairs; it's funny sometimes).

3. Thrift shopping.

Thrift shopping is easily one of my favorite parts of any city. Picking up secondhand clothes that have a story behind them is exciting for many and Philly doesn't let you miss out. In and around center city there are plenty of thrift shops - top rated favorites include Philly AIDS Thrift, a store giving to a cause, and The Wardrobe Boutique. Don't forget to stop buy and pick up some memories before leaving Philadelphia.

4. Magic Gardens.

Though it can be cold at this outdoor location in the winter, it's beautiful. For just $8 (for students), you can see more art -- but this time, art made of pieces of tile. The tiles go high above your head and makes you feel like you're in another, more ethereal world. Plus, it's a great place to Instagram.

5. Concerts.

Concerts are always a great form of entertainment. While it can be cold to wait on the street for a general admission concert, Philadelphia's growing music scene is much better than I would have ever expected. Many of the venues are small and intimate, with new places (such as mid-size venue The Fillmore Philly, pictured above) opening frequently, leading to a more developed music scene. Larger venues are definitely still available because what if One Direction comes to town? They can perform at Lincoln Financial Field. They should get back together.

6. Bars and restaurants.

Philly's bar scene is extensive and exciting. Just like concert venues, new places are constantly opening, allowing the city to grow and expand with new people and new menu items. The Industry (pictured above) provides customers with fast service, delicious food and a great experience.

Philadelphia has so much to offer and so many fun things to do. I'm counting down the days until I can go back to see my friends and some new, cool sites.

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