After 4(or more) long years, you finally got to walk across the stage. All the long nights, study sessions, frat parties, meals at the caf, and countless other things have come to a close. This is a very emotional time and it is bittersweet to end this chapter of your life. But some things are most definitely not bitter and 100% sweet! Here are the top 5 things all college graduates look forward to after graduation!

1. Being able to delete all school/class related apps

At UNC Greensboro, we use Canvas for all of our class materials. And less than 24 hours after I graduated, I deleted my Canvas app from my phone!

2. You no longer receive 15 emails a day from your school

3. Finally being able to put the "Alumni" sticker on your car

4. Changing your 'education' on Facebook to "Graduated"

5. Almost feeling 50lbs. lighter because YOU'RE DONE!

Even if you're going on to grad school, starting your adult job, or taking a year off before med school-You're still finished with undergrad! This is an accomplishment so pop the champagne and let loose, you're a graduate!