6 Friends You Need To Drop NOW

6 Friends You Need To Drop NOW

It is so important to be surrounded by good people. These 6 are the ones that need to go.


It is really important to make sure your friend group has each other’s backs and really get along. In my opinion, the six friends that are listed below are destructive and toxic, and you need to get rid of them now.

1. The Fake

I think the easiest way to tell if someone is fake is if they act differently around different people. I only allow genuine people in my circle and you should, too. Fake people will eventually turn their back on you when a “better option” comes up. Don’t subject yourself to that frustration.

2. The One That Talks Behind Your Back

This, of course, is a given. And let’s be real, our moms were totally right when they told us, “if they’re willing to gossip to you about someone else, they’re definitely willing to gossip about you to someone else.” I don’t care if someone gossips about me, let them talk! But I do care if a trusted friend is sharing my personal business. Don’t let gossipers know your life.

3. The Selfish One

This friend is exhausting. This is the friend that only talks about themselves and is only worried about themselves. These are also the friends that you don’t need at all. Relationships, whether they are family, friends, or romantic are all about give and take. If someone is just taking from you, you will be left exhausted, drained, and probably will feel like a bad friend because you never fulfill them. It’s not you, it’s them.

4. The MIA One

This is the friend that is never around and usually only calls when they need something. I recently had to let go of one of these. I had a lot going on in my life and she never reached out even though she knew I was going through a small hell. Then she called when she needed something. While I don’t mind helping my friends at all, I’m also not going to be taken advantage of. That’s usually what the MIA friend does.

5. The Mean One

This should be obvious, but many of us have kept a Regina George in our circle. If you have one, get rid of her now. There is enough in your life that will be hard to deal with, a friend shouldn’t be one.

6. The Jealous One

Your friends are supposed to be the people that build you up! If you just landed a great new job or just got engaged, your friends should be SO EXCITED! If they aren’t ecstatic for you, odds are they are jealous of you, and that’s not healthy for either of you.

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