I’m in no different of a position than other college students in that I don’t have a ton of money to spend over the holiday break. Because of this, I have had to be creative about what to do with friends when I go out (or stay in).

Here are some ideas for things you and your pals can do over the holiday break!

1. Take a drive and look at all of the Christmas lights

I love seeing the different lights every year, and they make great holiday-themed insta photos.

2. Have a GNO; watch movies and build a fort.

My favourite movie series to pull back out over the holidays is always Harry Potter.

3. Find a cute outdoor market to attend.

In Tampa and Saint Petersburg, there are always an abundance of markets happening. See if you can find a local one to go check out and support your local scene!

4. Find a peaceful spot and watch the sunset.

Something that I always find de-stressing is hopping in the car, driving to the beach, and watching the sunset with my best friend or a group of friends.

5. Find and attend a local tree lighting.

Every year, there’s this outdoor mall about an hour away that my parents, brother, and I make a trip to at least once to watch a tree lighting. It’s such a happy and beautiful experience to celebrate the holidays.

6. Write a letter to everyone important in your life.

Every year over my holiday break, I like to plan out the next year of my life and write letters to everyone who I value in my life. It’s nice to tell others how much you appreciate them, and it makes both of you feel great.

Here are some ideas of what you can do in your free time for FREE over break, and I hope you all have an AMAZING holiday season!