Retail shopping has been declining for years with access to online shopping getting easier and easier. At retail stores, like Walmart and Kroger, self check-out isles have become very common. The recently announced, Amazon Go, will be hitting the market this year with absolutely no cashier positions. If Amazon Go is successful, and becomes a more prominent retail store than WalmaAccept it; jobs that your parents grew up with, and maybe you aspired to work at are slowly going away. Whether you like it or not, technology is changing the world we live in at a rapid pace. Can humans stay caught up by creating alternative jobs? We will have to see in really does become a huge problem. These are the X jobs that will go away in the future. Might be 5 years, it might be 30, but they will become non-existent eventually.

1. Construction

3D printing has been a big thing in recent years, and developers in Dubai took it to the next step: 3D print an entire office building. In short, they succeeded. It only took 17 days to construct and open.

2. Chef

Yes, learning how to cook might be a thing of the past. Moley, the company that developed the world's first robot kitchen, created a fully functional robot that can prepare 5 star courses. The consumer version even set to be released this year!

3. Teachers

Even though online classes have been offered for a while now, they are getting more and more popular each year. There are now online classes being offered for high school! Virtual reality classrooms are being experimented on at some universities. Eventually, there will be more people taking online classes than physical classes.

4. Cashiers and Retail

rt and Target, cashiering will be extinct.

5. Taxi/Bus Drivers

Local Motors debuted a new self-driving bus for public transportation known as Olli. Olli can transport up to 12 passengers and is equipped with an Watson, IBM's artificial intelligence platform. Although Olli is still in beta, it could possibly dominate the taxi business in places like New York and London.

6. Mail Carriers

Between email and drones dropping stuff off at your door, expect UPS and FedEx trucks less often. 'Nuff said.

What are some other jobs you expect to see diminish with the advancement of technology?